7 Non-Cheesy Group Halloween Costumes For You & Your Squad

The group costume, you could say, is the purest expression of friendship: You rally the troops under a genius concept, and, together, you dream up ways to turn it into reality without making anyone feel like the Back-of-Camel of the crew. However, as anyone who's tried to go the costume-in-a-bag route knows, there aren't that many great options for group get-ups.
But this year, the pop-culture #squad concept went mainstream, giving us more group costume inspiration than we could have dreamed of. We're talking way beyond the Bad Blood cast. What about the judges from The Voice, who capture our attention (and our hearts) multiple nights a week? Or the too-on-the-nose emotions from Inside Out that still have us reaching for the tissues? And, yes, we even give a nod to the love-torn couples like Pizza Rat (not the $89.95 sexy version, of course). Get your friends ready to call dibs: We've rounded up a few duo and group costume ideas to try out this Halloween.

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