7 Non-Cheesy Group Halloween Costumes For You & Your Squad

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
The group costume, you could say, is the purest expression of friendship: You rally the troops under a genius concept, and, together, you dream up ways to turn it into reality without making anyone feel like the Back-of-Camel of the crew. However, as anyone who's tried to go the costume-in-a-bag route knows, there aren't that many great options for group get-ups.

But this year, the pop-culture #squad concept went mainstream, giving us more group costume inspiration than we could have dreamed of. We're talking way beyond the Bad Blood cast. What about the judges from The Voice, who capture our attention (and our hearts) multiple nights a week? Or the too-on-the-nose emotions from Inside Out that still have us reaching for the tissues? And, yes, we even give a nod to the love-torn couples like Pizza Rat (not the $89.95 sexy version, of course). Get your friends ready to call dibs: We've rounded up a few duo and group costume ideas to try out this Halloween.

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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
The Emotions From Inside Out
You and your friends have a lot of feelings. Let 'em all out by embodying each of the lovable emotions from Pixar's Inside Out. Once you assign each member of the group a character, all you have to do is dress in the emotion's signature color. The planning meeting could get touchy, though, as you debate who best embodies Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Maybe Joy should take the lead.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
The Judges From The Voice
Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Gwen Stefani walk into a bar. Before 2011, this would've been the set up to a joke that probably wouldn't land. Now, in the post-Voice era, it makes for the ultimate group meta costume — when one #squad dresses up as another #squad. You, too, can hold the power of finding America's next big star. All it takes are some DIY (and admittedly low-fi) coach chairs: Slap together pieces of cardboard, sandwich-board style, and paint them to resemble the inverted-triangle front of the coaches' spinning chairs. Write "I Want You" at the very bottom — Starbucks cups are optional.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
The New Snapchat Filters
Light a candle for all the time we've wasted thanks to Snapchat's new filters. Our bored-at-work selfies are now colored with emotions and clever animations, and our productivity has never been lower. So, honor the best time-waster of 2015 with character masks: Cut out a circle out of cardboard, and draw on whatever filter you want — the rainbow barf (easily create the multi-color stream with tissue paper), the heart eyes (self-explanatory), the fiery-red anger (use red cardboard and fill in facial features with black marker), the spooky gray smoke (gray cardboard with silvery-metallic details). Alternatively, go for full face makeup, if you're more of the costume-with-zero-clothes type.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Group Caught In A Selfie Stick Frame
All feelings toward the culture of the selfie aside, odds are someone in your extended circle owns one of these bad boys — whether they'll own up to it at your initial planning meeting or not. And, it could lead to quite the clever costume: a group forever caught in a selfie-stick shot. Make an extra-large frame that fits you and your crew out of cardboard boxes, throw up some deuces and freeze your expression into a smize — one that expresses the feeling you have when you realize you are forever stuck inside a selfie.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Pizza Rat
Okay, hear us out: The Sexy Pizza Rat costume was an inevitable societal ill. But we still think the meme has some pretty strong potential for a couple costume. Pair up with your S.O., a friend, or a like-minded acquaintance. One of you dress as a slice of pizza, the other as a rat. (You can each commit with full-fledged costumes, or simply imply your character with a pizza takeout box and animal ears.) Stick by each other all night long. Take public transport to the party for good measure.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
White Walkers from Game Of Thrones
You can keep your Lannisters and your Starks. You'll find us defecting early on to the White Walkers — mostly out of fear, but also because of how much easier it is to dress like an otherworldly snow zombie than a Westeros royal. Get your hair nice and wispy (and dyed white), and deck yourself in slightly ratty but still form-fitting white clothing — and slap on some gray armor, if you're feeling particularly involved. Tear up some white tissue paper and embellish accordingly for good measure.
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Pluto Fly-By
Science enthusiasts know this scenario quite well: Pluto's been getting the cold shoulder for the past few years. (You can thank Neil for that.) But this year, it's had another shot. Take your on-again, off-again bestie and one person dress as the dwarf planet, another as her New Horizons.

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