16 Halloween Costumes You Can Totally Make Yourself

Remember the morning of October 31, last year? You woke up with a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach and the realization that you didn't have a costume and you'd either have to wait in line at the Halloween store to pick through the dregs, or be a pumpkin again. Keep that feeling in mind as you also realize that it's barely August, and you're already reading a Halloween costume story. Don't let last year happen this year. You've got two-and-a-half months to prepare — don't squander it!
Now, you've got two choices: Spend money on a pre-made costume, or make your own. If you go for the latter (which, first off, congrats — you've picked the better team), know that you don't have to be a Martha Stewart in order to put together a winning costume. Even if your craft skills are zilch, you still get a pass on Halloween because the charm of a homemade costume beats skill any day. That said, you still need a good idea. Let these 16 costumes we found on Pinterest inspire your brainstorm.
The makeup part is 99% of the costume, so if you're a makeup whiz, this is a good option. The rest consists of a cardboard mount, antlers (go for a store-bought pair if you can't figure out how to affix twigs to your dome).
Buy your T-shirt from Amazon now. The rest of it (glasses, business-casual separates) can be scrounged up the morning-of.
We'll leave it up to you to figure out where you'll get an adult-sized teddy bear pelt. But the laundry basket and towel are easy to find.
You can create a lampshade with a large posterboard and some fringe. Wear a pair of fishnets and a pair of pumps for full effect. Just be careful not to burn yourself with however you decide to light the thing.
Two foamboards, ribbon to connect them, and some QT with poster paint can get you this in a jiffy. Bonus points if you can convince two friends to go with you as Lorelai and Rory.
We're a fan of this costume, obviously. Try it with a sweater so you don't have to ruin a dress with hot glue!
This costume requires you do some truly magical things with construction paper and headbands, but if you've got the talent, volunteer to make them for your entire group of friends.
This costume wins everything.
Park yourself in front of a Netflix series with a bunch of construction paper and a pair of scissors, and get to snipping.
It's amazing what you can do with foamboard, isn't it?
Other possible buddies to add to the group: smoke, shit, cricket, Toledo, mackeral, or even Christ (on a cracker).
You've already got a cat costume that you exhausted in the late 2000s. Add a cone to your neck, and you'll give it a new lease on life.
We highly suggest traveling around with a bar of soap to combat the various dirty pick-up lines you'll field all night.
The best kinds of Halloween costumes will let you play to whatever plans you already had for the night.
Give those galaxy leggings one more night out before you stuff them into your Soulcycle-only drawer.
Why? Just be-claws.

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