How To Buy Your Halloween Costume At H&M, Zara & More

A strong Halloween costume is only as good as its execution. You could have the most brilliant concept in the world, but if you let it sit in the back of your mind for months, odds are you'll be scrambling to piece something together at the very last second that doesn't do it justice. October 31 is quickly creeping up — do you have an outfit at the ready? Look no further than your regularly-scheduled Saturday shopping trip: You can surprisingly put together a solid look from your favorite fast-fashion retailer, no trip to an actual Halloween store required.
While many of our retail go-tos, like Topshop and H&M, have dedicated Halloween sections, you shouldn't let these box you in. With a little imagination, clever item pairings can make for some easily recognizable costumes. Yellow dress? Hello, La La Land. A suit moment? Suddenly, you're Princess Di.
Admit it: You're perusing these sites on your lunch break anyway. So, you might as well add a costume to your haul while you're at it (and before it's too late). Click on for some super-easy Halloween looks you can shop right now — and most likely wear again all season long.

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