Whole Foods Is Having A Two-Month Long Rosé Sale

In the past several months, the alcohol industry has come up with even more ways to sell rosé. This season, we'll be able to choose from rosé cider, rosé hard seltzer, and so many different rosé liquors, including vodka, gin, tequila, and rum. However, Whole Foods wants to remind us that a simple bottle of wine still might be the best way to honor the trend. The grocery store is throwing a lengthy rosé promotion featuring 12 wines specifically curated for rosé fans.
Starting Wednesday, April 4, Whole Foods will have a special price on 12 rosés that were handpicked by the grocery chain's Master Sommelier Devon Broglie and his team. The list includes rosés that have long been Millennial favorites like Winc's Summer Water and Forty Ounce Wines' rosé. But, Broglie also chose bottles with French names we can barely pronounce — that's certainly the mark of a good wine, right? Though the selections are both trendy and fancy, their costs are manageable for all sorts of budgets. The cheapest wine on the list will go for $9.99, while the most expensive will cost $39.99. Here is the complete list, including sizes and prices:
Calixo Cava Brut Rosé (750 ml) – $12.99
Orlana Rosé Vinho Verde 2017 (750 ml) – $7.99
El Terrano Rosado (750 ml) – $9.99
Alivetto IGP Ile De Beaute (750 ml) - $13.99
French Blue – Bordeaux Rosé (750 ml) – $10.99
Folie en Provence – Provence Rosé 2017
750ml – $12.99
1.5ml – $24.99
Pure Provence & Rosé (1L 4-pack cans) – $19.99
Santa Julia Innovacion Malbec Syrah Rosé (1L) – $9.99
Skouras Zoe Rosé 2016 (750 ml) – $11.99
Summer Water Rosé 2017
750ml – $17.99
1.5ml – $39.99
Forty Ounce Rosé (1L) – $15.99
AIX Coteaux d’ Aix en Provence Rosé
750mL – $17.99
1.5mL – $34.99
The special prices on these 12 wines will be available at Whole Foods through the end of May, so we can all start rosé season off with a serious bang. In addition to the two month-long event, the store will have rosé special in honor of National Drink Wine Day on May 25. On this day, every single rosé in the store will be available for 20% off. With all these sales going on, Whole Foods may have us forgetting all about the innumerable other rosé-inspired drinks out there.
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