Pink Tequila & Gin Officially Have Company — Say Hello To Pink Rum

Photo: Courtesy of Morant Bay.
We’ve been looking at the world through rosé-tinted glasses all summer, and we have been so excited to discover that the world of pink drinks goes deeper than just wine. After learning about the first rosé gin, we also discovered there’s also pink tequila and, now, pink rum.
The rum in question is Morant Bay, a British spiced rum sourced with ingredients from Jamaica. While it is technically labeled a spiced red rum, we say the proof is in the picture. The liquor, infused with botanicals like hibiscus, cherry, and starfruit, is a beautiful, rosy hue reminiscent of that beloved millennial color (or of a pinot noir-based rosé).
Flavorful enough to drink on ice with a squeeze of citrus, it is also an excellent base for mixing classic rum cocktails. While it will be hard to keep the delicate hue in many classic drinks like a daiquiri, you can keep your drink pin by using clear- to light-colored mixers. A rum Rickey, which is made with club soda and lime juice, will keep the color shining through. Or you could go with a rum punch which contains more pink ingredients, like grenadine and cranberry juice. Half the fun is in experimenting – and, if you're a rum fan, the results will be delicious, no matter what color your mix is.
Morant Bay rum is the brainchild of Pete Townsend, a native Jamaican whose family has been involved in molasses for generations. The website for Morant Bay says that he ultimately hopes to move all production exclusively to his family home in Jamaica. For now, all ingredients are sourced from the island country and distilled in the UK. It is currently only available in the U.S. from Master of Malt, an online retailer that ships many specialties British worldwide, though we're keeping our fingers crossed for wider availability stateside — our taste buds and Instagram accounts are ready.
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