12 Foods To Satisfy Your Millennial Pink Tooth

If you've scrolled through Instagram, gone shopping, or just been a human being with internet connection recently, you've probably heard the rumblings of millennial pink. First coined by New York magazine last year, the popularity of the color started in 2012 as a "toned-down version" of Barbie Pink, and has since expanded to include a wide variety of blushes and rose.
Things you can now find in millennial pink now include everything from makeup to luggage to home decor. While the sudden ubiquity of the color can be traced to a number of things, we also have to wonder: could another millennial obsession, rosé, be at least partially responsible? It may be impossible to say for sure, but we're even starting to see millennial pink crop up in our food. Often strawberry or rosé-flavored, and always ready to be shared for maximum FOMO, it's the dream food for a cool girl with a sweet tooth.
We've scoured the internet for the most Tumblr-approved pink edibles, for those of us who can't get enough of the latest must-have hue. Ahead, 12 ways to have your millennial pink, and eat it too.

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