Here's How You Can Make Your Own Sparkling Rosé At Home

It's almost summer and the #RoséAllDay trend that started a few years ago is still going strong, so it's not like a good bottle of rosé is hard to find. Still, if you're truly rosé-obsessed, you might be looking for something different from the same bottles you were sipping on during rosé seasons past. One way to find that is by making your own rosé, which is now achievable thanks to Brooklyn Brew Shop's Sparkling Rosé Kit.
The company has kits for making all sorts of different drinks from classics like wheat beers and porters to ultra-trendy options like pumpkin beer and a Unicorn IPA. Most recently, they have hopped aboard the millennial pink wine trend with the introduction of its Sparkling Rosé Kit.
The kit makes five bottles of sparkling rosé wine. Corks, yeast, grape juice, and almost everything else you'll need to make the rosé is included in the kit. The only other things you'll need to find are a funnel and five empty champagne bottles, which shouldn't be hard to accumulate, especially in the six weeks it take the make the wine. The kit also comes with clear step-by-step instructions that begin with the sanitation process and take you all the way through bottling.
The whole kit costs $70, which comes out to $14 a bottle — a pretty decent price for bubbly rosé. Since the winemaking process takes a total of six weeks, if you order the kit today, you could have five unique bottles of rosé just in time for the first day of summer. This year, you can #RoséAllDay the DIY way.

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