A Rosé Of The Month Club Just Launched & We Couldn't Be More Ready For Summer

We’re all about trips to the beach, long days, and cooling off with popsicles, but let’s face it, the number one best part about summer is drinking rosé. Some of us love this pink beverage so much, we’ve retired the word “summer” altogether and have simple started referring to May through September as “Rosé Season.” The genius winemakers over at Winc noticed people's unwavering devotion to rosé during the sunny days of summer, so they created an super simple way to enjoy the drink all season long.
Winc recently partnered with Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal, the women behind Yes Way Rosé, and together they created the world’s first rosé-only wine club. The collaboration is called Summer Water Societé, a fitting name for something that’s going to be giving us life in the coming months. The rosé club launched yesterday, and membership is reserved for only the most devout rosé lovers.
According to a Summer Water Societé press release, there are 66 million rosé drinkers in the United States, and Yes Way Rosé and Winc wanted to help supply those folks with their favorite pink wine this summer. When people sign up for the club, they'll receive strategically timed deliveries of Summer Water Rosé. Perhaps the best part is that with membership, the beverage comes in Winc’s new magnum-sized bottles, which hold 1.5 liters. The package also includes gifts curated and designed by Huganir and Blumenthal of YWR, and each one is guaranteed to help facilitate summertime fun.

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Being supplied with delicious, crisp rosé from Memorial Day to Labor Day does sound pretty ideal. The membership costs $350, which is certainly a lot, it does cover nine 1.5 liter bottles of the pink drink. Considering that chilled wine already adds up to significant summer expense, a membership to this club might be well worth it.

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