Here’s How Jessica Jones Season 2 Ends & What It Means For Everyone

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones season 2.
While talking to Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor in New York City's Netflix offices, the pair encapsulated their show's entire sophomore year in a single sentence. “In life and in good story, sometimes you have to look back and face some old demons to move forward,” Ritter remarked, her on-screen best friend Taylor agreeing. No episode of Jones season 2 lives up to that ethos more than finale “AKA Playland,” where we see the titular superhero (Ritter) work through her many demons to come out changed and ready for the next chapter.
“Playland” wraps up the looming IGH drama of the season, forces its heroine to handle her family trauma, rips certain relationships apart, and builds other ones up to places you would never expect — and that's just Jessica's portion of the story. Other characters start down shocking paths and find new, suspicious abilities in the final minutes of the finale.
If all of this sounds like a lot to handle in just 51 minutes, it is. That's why we put together a gallery detailing where every major character ends up, and what that means going forward. Keep reading for the Jessica Jones season 2 recap you didn't know you needed.
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Jessica Jones

Jessica has long believed she was an orphan, but that isn’t exactly true until season 2’s finale. The Netflix drama’s sophomore year reveals the private investigator’s mother, Alisa Jones (Janet McTeer), actually survived the car crash that supposedly killed the entire Jones family nearly two decades ago, albeit with some complications. Namely, Alisa has the same super powers as her daughter, only they’re stronger and come with violent dissociative anger issues. Alisa is the IGH monster Jessica has been searching for.

While season 2 is all about Jessica navigating what it means to have a “family” due to Alisa’s bloody return, such internal debates are nullified in “AKA Playland.” Trish (Rachael Taylor), self-righteous as ever, tracks Jessica and her mother down to Playland in Rye, New York, which is where that infamous smiling photo of teen Jessica and her late brother Phillip Jones (Billy McFadden) was taken. In the middle of Jessica and Alisa’s loving heart-to-heart about heroism and “giving a shit,” Trish appears and shoots Alisa in the head, immediately killing her and splattering Jessica with her own mother’s blood.

Jessica nearly kills Trish for such a violent betrayal, but doesn’t. Later at Jessica’s apartment, Trish tries to defend killing her BFF’s mother by claiming she wanted to protect her sister, but is shut down by the P.I. Jessica’s repeated refrain is, “It didn’t have to be you.” For now, Jessica and Trish’s relationship is destroyed.

But, the finale suggests Jessica is ready to really be part of a functioning family and embrace the “hero” moniker her mother encouraged her to accept. She saves a deli owner from an at-gunpoint robbery and then joins new love interest Oscar Arocho (J.R. Ramirez) for dinner with his adorable son, Vido (Kevin Chachon). Jessica spent most of the season avoiding such connections out of fear.

With IGH, the Joneses’ death (Alisa proves the car accident wasn’t her daughter’s fault), and Kilgrave behind her, Jessica Jones is ready to turn over a new emotional leaf.
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Trish Walker

Trish, Trish, Trish, Trish, Trish. The radio personality’s jealousy of her best friend’s powers boils over in season 2, as she becomes desperate to be as “super” as Jessica is. First, that means huffing the battle enhancer ex-boyfriend Will Simpson (Wil Traval) — who dies in “Freak Accident” — left behind after his murder. But, by the final episodes of the season, that means forcing the doctor who gave Jessica her powers, IGH mad scientist and Alisa’s second “husband” Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie), to experiment on her as well.

Trish has a terrible reaction to being stuck with roughly 1 billion needles and shot up with cat vaccine, and seizes in the middle of the operation. Jessica takes her best friend to the hospital, where she convulses even more due to excess electrical currents rocketing through her brain.

When Trish is out of the woods, friendly detective Eddy Costa (John Ventimiglia) reveals Jessica is on the run with her mother, and he is unable to promise officers won’t kill the private investigator in an effort to apprehend cop-killer Alisa. So, Trish goes to Playland to eliminate Alisa as a threat, thereby saving Jessica from becoming collateral damage. It’s a smart plan that’s also chillingly calculated and unfeeling. No matter what, Alisa is still Jessica’s mother, back from the dead after 16 years.

So, Trish, whose drug use torpedoed her career throughout season 2, ends the season on notice that her friendship with Jessica is over and done with. “I look at you now and all I see is the person who killed my mother,” Jessica says, closing the door on Trish’s face literally and metaphorically.

Although Trish has lost her only sister, it is hinted she picked up those powers she so desperately wanted instead. While leaving Jessica’s building, Trish nearly drops her iPhone, but catches it with her foot, and kicks it back up to her hand with new cat-like reflexes.

After months of intrigue over whether Trish will become Hellcat, her superhero comic book alter-ego, it looks like everyone, Trish included, has gotten her wish. If Jessica Jones does get a season 3, get ready to see Trish hand out even more face scratches.
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Malcolm Ducasse

In the long line of Trish’s sins, sleeping with poor, eager-to-please Malcolm (Eka Darville) and then knocking him out, trapping him in a trunk, and shooting at him comes in somewhere between murdering Jessica’s mom and yelling at that woman about gluten. Malcom is rightly angry about Trish’s treatment, but his anger at Jessica for dismissing him makes a lot less sense.

After all, Malcolm enabled Trish to the point where she found Dr. Karl, whose “treatment” nearly killed the former teen actress. And, he betrayed Jessica to do it. Of course the investigator would fire him. And of course Jessica would hide the fact her mother is a super-powered murderous monster on a rampage. That is a lot to handle, especially when said super-powered murderous monster tends to enter an enraged fugue state and snap the new of anyone she deems a threat. Jessica was clearly trying to protect Malcolm from dying.

But, instead of seeing any of this, Malcolm decides to end season 2 by joining forces with Jessica’s overly macho competition, Pryce Cheng (Terry Chen), and working for Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). Malcom’s final conversation with shady lawyer Jeri proves he’s throwing all of his lofty ideals in the garbage in favor of cash and success.

At least his suited-up makeover is flawless.
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Jeri Hogarth

Much of Jessica Jones season 2 is dedicated to the elaborate conning of wealthy Jeri, who is diagnosed with the deadly disease of ALS. New love interest Inez Green (Leah Gibson), one of Alisa’s first victims and a former IGH employee, exploits Jeri’s fear of death and tells her one of Karl’s patients can now heal people. The only problem is, he’s in in prison.

Jeri gets the man, named Shane (Eden Marryshow), out from behind bars and demands he cure her disease as a thank-you. He does, and Jeri believes she’s cured… until Jessica confirms Shane is a fraud. That same day, Jeri finds her apartment completely ransacked. Inez and Shane have vanished, obviously with every single one of Jeri’s expensive possessions.

Jeri eventually manipulates Inez into killing Shane, and then calls the police on her former lover. Invigorated from that win, Jeri then strong-arms her legal partners into giving her a huge payout to leave their firm — one of them is laundering money for a massive drug cartel and the other is hiding a secret life as a gay man, as Malcolm finds out — and begins her own.

Jeri, who has accepted her ALS diagnosis, Malcolm, and the awful Pryce Cheng are set to be one happy, law-skirting family at Jeryn Hogarth & Associates, complete with the Rand Family account to buoy their bank account. Yes, this probably means everyone will be dragged into the mess that is Iron Fist.
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We’ll never understand who was actually funding IGH or what anyone who worked there other than Karl and Inez really did, but, mercifully, it looks like this storyline is over and done with. Praise the Netflix gods.
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