Here’s How Jessica Jones Season 2 Ends & What It Means For Everyone

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones season 2.
While talking to Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter and Rachael Taylor in New York City's Netflix offices, the pair encapsulated their show's entire sophomore year in a single sentence. “In life and in good story, sometimes you have to look back and face some old demons to move forward,” Ritter remarked, her on-screen best friend Taylor agreeing. No episode of Jones season 2 lives up to that ethos more than finale “AKA Playland,” where we see the titular superhero (Ritter) work through her many demons to come out changed and ready for the next chapter.
“Playland” wraps up the looming IGH drama of the season, forces its heroine to handle her family trauma, rips certain relationships apart, and builds other ones up to places you would never expect — and that's just Jessica's portion of the story. Other characters start down shocking paths and find new, suspicious abilities in the final minutes of the finale.
If all of this sounds like a lot to handle in just 51 minutes, it is. That's why we put together a gallery detailing where every major character ends up, and what that means going forward. Keep reading for the Jessica Jones season 2 recap you didn't know you needed.
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