Everyone We Know Joining The Cast Of Bachelor In Paradise This Summer

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The Bachelor is fun. The Bachelorette is more fun. And Bachelor in Paradise? Well, that's a whole 'nother ballgame. In fact, some might even say this reprise show is what makes Bachelor franchise worth watching during the months between January and May.
Starting in August, some favorite (and some notorious) faces from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are granted another chance of love by the reality TV Cupid, Chris Harrison. For a few weeks in a resort in Mexico, these contestants are given the opportunity to date each other in a freer, relaxed (yet equally competitive) atmosphere.
There's a reason why these former contestants would be motivated to go on Bachelor in Paradise, and it's not just for morsels of B-list fame or cocktails prepared by Jorge the bartender. With married couples (Jade and Tanner) and engaged couples (Carly and Evan) as proof, paradise can cast a potent spell.
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Dean Unglert

After an emotional hometown visit, Rachel sent Dean home. But his shot for reality TV romance isn't finished. Rumor has it he'll be joining the revived Bachelor in Paradise season.
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A post shared by Olivia Caridi (@oliviacaridi) on

Olivia Caridi

As of right now, it's not confirmed whether Olivia of Ben's Bachelor season will join the Mexican resort party — though she's seriously considering it.

"I'm at a very 50/50 spot right now," Caridi told Life & Style. "[I would need] a producer that I can trust and a feeling that this could be a good opportunity for me. Right now, no, it's not."
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Amanda Stanton

As Carly Waddell shows, second time in Paradise is the charm.
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Robby Hayes

At last, Robby Hayes has a space to show off his skills as a professional swimmer in the warm waters of Mexico.
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Can't rain on our Fijian parade #bula #cashmeinfiji 🌺

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Sarah Vendal

In an Instagram post, Amanda Stanton revealed that her friend Sarah Vendal, the elementary school teacher who participated in Nick Viall's Bachelor season, will likely join the BiP cast. After all, nothing says summer vacation like reality TV summer camp.
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@clothingbyowl would give me the tequila one .....tune in tonight to see why 🥂🙃#BachelorPremier 💋🌹

A post shared by Alexis Waters (@alexiswaters_) on

Alexis Waters

We don't know if Alexis is going to Mexico for the prospect of dating — or for the dolphins. Either way, she's excited.

Let Waters' interview with E News speak for itself. "Hell yeah, I'm so down for it. I want to do it so bad. But we'll see if I'm still single. I feel like I came out of the womb for Bachelor in Paradise."
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Raven Gates

During her appearance on the After the Final Rose special, Nick's endearing runner-up confirmed that she'd once again be venturing out of the mud-filled town of Hoxie, AK.

In her interview with Chris Harrison, Raven mentioned that she's still looking for love, and said, "I've heard of this place," referring to Paradise. She continued, "Hey, if anything, I know that if Nick can go to Paradise and do this experience, and find love, that I can too."

Chris asked, "So we'll see you in Paradise?"

Raven responded with an emphatic yes.
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James Taylor

James Taylor tweeted this directly at Raven after watching Nick end their relationship during the dramatic finale. While his presence on Bachelor in Paradise isn't confirmed, Raven expressed interest in meeting him.

"I think James is very sweet. I want to get to know James so it’s definitely not a no," Raven told reporters.

We see a Southern love brewing. Or is that sweet tea? Regardless, we're excited.
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Chad Johnson

Yep, despite Chris Harrison's warning to him on last season of Bachelor in Paradise, the Ultimate Bachelorette Villain is returning for another go at love (or for a boost in the ratings). Unsurprisingly, Chad already has his eyes on potential Paradise cast members, but isn't naming specifics.

"[There are] too many to mention, really, based upon looks," he told Us Weekly. "But when it comes to contestants on these shows, you never know what they’re truly like until you’ve met them in person."

Expect colorful commentary.
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A post shared by Corinne Olympios (@colympios) on

Corinne Olympios

The multimillion dollar Miami business maven was practically built to be a permanent resident of Bachelor in Paradise. Anyway, she's already talking to Chad. Love is only a beach away.

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