The Jewelry Trend You'll See On Every It Girl

We talk a whole lot about It-girl trends. You know, the must-have boots, blazers, hoodies, and beyond that you're bound to see on cool gals everywhere. While we may be paying close attention to the pieces above, it's important to remember that your jewelry shouldn't get overlooked. And lately, signet rings have been taking center stage. It may be a style that's been around for centuries — it's said they date back to at least the second half of the 13th century, when the signet ring was yet a "small seal used for formal or official purposes," even a substitute for signatures on official documents — but this season, the style is back in full swing, with many independent jewelry designers renewing its classic silhouette with modern twists and details.
Still crafted to regal precision, these rings are no longer limited to a simple monogram, class ring, or family crest. Now, you can sport stone inlay, pop art, daily affirmations, or even your favorite fruit, like Rhyden, a hand-crafted jewelry line based in L.A., offers. While yesterday's signet ring represented a status out-of-reach, today's denotes personal style and character. And since it's all about individuality, anyone can pull them off.
Here's 11 options to add to your jewelry collection.

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