12 Fashion-y Boot Trends You Can't Avoid Forever

A trend isn't really a trend until it shows up in all the mass-market haunts like Zara and H&M, and it's democratized in price and style. Sure, there's high-fashion trends, and we see those as soon as fashion season ends, but to be considered a real trend, the kind that in twenty years kids are going to be dressing like when they're trying to look "retro," well, those need to reach the masses in order to qualify.
And this season, there are some super out-there boot trends that you've probably been avoiding, but you may as well give in now because these are all you'll find at your local stores.. Even if you're devoted to your plain black ankle boots, you may consider doing a slouchy black ankle boot, or a pointy ankle boot; something's gonna have to give! As extreme as they are — we're talking everything from super tall, slouchy styles to pointy, kitten-heel ones — we know they'll just take some getting used to, and before you know it, they'll be your everyday shoe. Click through to find your new favorite pair.
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The Sock Boot
Sorry, socks, but it's been real. Our boots are our socks now.
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The Platform Boot
Because it's always fun to play with a few extra inches.
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The Kitten Heel Boot
Just a teeny extra lift.
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The Glitter Boot
Even if you can't afford those Chanel ones, it's worth scooping up a similar pair just for the Kira Kira opp.
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The Tall, Slouchy Boot
You're not alone if it feels like every store is really trying to make these happen.
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The Velvet Boot
You really can't avoid it this season.
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The Entire-Leg Boot
Especially if you're petite, just say goodbye to seeing most of your legs until spring.
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The All-Over Floral Boot
Now this is our kind of statement.
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The Mid-Height Boot
It's not quite an ankle bootie, but not quite calf-height either. It looks great with a cropped jean, though.
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The Patent Boot
Come on, these have been trending since last year — it's about time.
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The White Boot
Sharp, clean, sophisticated. What more could you want?
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The Western Boot
You can dip into the trend without going full-on cowboy.
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appearance by Lucie Fink.
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