5 Water Bottles That Will Finally Get You Hydrated

The sensation of thirst is really like the O.G. hydration-tracker, and it's built right into your body. But regardless, many of us need reminders to drink water and stay hydrated.
There are hydration-tracker apps, creative bullet journal templates, and recipes for fruit-infused water that are all supposed to help you consume more H2O. Although it might sound extra, there are even smart water bottles that measure and log the amount of water you drink. And considering many of us rely on technology to track everything about our health from posture to periods, it's not really that ridiculous that these devices exist.
For a quick hydration refresher, the whole "drink eight glasses of water a day" is kind of a myth. There’s no scientific reason why you need that many glasses per day; the rule came about simply because it's easy to remember. Most women need 91 ounces of water per day, but that can vary drastically based on your lifestyle. For example, someone who’s a hot yoga instructor and sweating all day would obviously need more fluid than, say, a person with a desk job.
Whatever your hydration needs entail, ahead are the water bottles that will help you meet your goals — whether that's to become the next Jonah Hill water bottle influencer or just get your pee a normal color again.
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