What You Really Need To Know About Dehydration

You’ve heard it time and again: Water is the elixir of life. And it’s true. Your body relies on water for everything from temperature control to keeping your joints lubricated. But as simple as it seems, there are a lot of hydration-related myths and misconceptions swirling around out there.
“Drink more water,” for example, is often recommended as step No. 1 for myriad health goals, like immune function, beating dry skin, and more. But in fact, while you do need water for literally millions of your body’s daily processes, it’s not as though water is a panacea. For example, unless you’re sick, your body is really good at managing your fluid balance on its own. It will tell you when you’re thirsty and you need more water — all you have to do is listen.
Ahead, we’ll cover what you really need to know about hydration and dehydration, minus all the myths.

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