I Tried 3 Popular Pinterest Ice Cube Hacks & Here's What Happened

Photo: Getty Images.
Ice is as essential to summertime as, well, sunshine. Without it our cold brews would be room temp, our wine coolers less cooled, our ice water... iceless. So instead of imagining the upcoming sweaty season without the crunchy stuff, we decided to put our minds to improving upon it even further. After scrolling through our Pinterest feeds and discovering Insta-worthy idea after idea for upping our ice game, we decided to put a few of these pretty tricks to the test.
Ahead I test out three fast and easy cube hacks for our favorite summer drinks (cocktails, coffee, and wine) t0 see which are essential and which are more of a time suck. Each trick can be tailored to your specific tastes and sipping scenarios, so feel free to get creative in your own freezers. Stay cool and scroll on!

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