How To FINALLY Get Yourself To Drink More Water

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.
While that old rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day is basically made up (a lot of factors go into determining how much water your body needs, including lifestyle and climate), water is crucial for your health in many ways. Still, despite being told ad nauseam to "remember to drink more water," it's all too easy for other things (kombucha, matcha, coffee) to get in the way.
We get it — we're all guilty of prioritizing a soda or hot drink over water — but it's time we finally make a change and give our bodies the H2O they deserve. In the spirit of starting anew (and avoiding boredom), we're rounding up our favorite, super easy tricks for drinking more water. From scheduling alerts on your phone to trying flavored water like Hint, it's actually way easier than you think. Ahead, your new go-to guide for staying hydrated.

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