To Drink Or Not To Drink: We Put 6 Trendy Water Flavors To The Test

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You might be a soda fanatic, a juice devotee, or on that all day coffee grind, but if there’s one taste we universally share, it’s for water. The essential drink keeps us replenished, hydrated, and all around helps our bodies stay running. We don’t have to tell you twice: It’s an important staple in our lives, every single day. Tap, bottled, filtered: you name it, we drink it...that is, until things started getting fancy.
As of late, unique takes on water are having a moment. And no, we’re not talking about sparkling or lemon-infused. Instead, more interesting variations — like cinnamon, aloe vera, maple, or chlorophyll water — have been making their way to shelves. Some look inviting; others not so much (looking at you, charcoal-hued H20).
But let’s face it: Adding a little oomph to your usual glass always sounds like fun. To find out more about these trendy beverages, we put some of the biggest contenders to the test to place every hip — and sometimes weird — sip with its designated flavor. Watch to find out if the bottles live up to their names...and if they’re really worth the hype.

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