These Period Tracking Apps Will Make Your Time-Of-The-Month A Total Breeze

produced by Julie Borowsky; photographed by Tayler Smith.
There’s an app for that. And, by "that" we mean your period.
In my perfect period app, Judy Blume would pop up on my phone screen and remind me to clip my sanitary pad to my sanitary belt. Unfortunately — life isn’t perfect. But, that’s okay because we have some pretty exciting free period apps to track Aunt Flow’s arrival. Whether you just want a heads up that you’ll be surfing the crimson wave soon, or a way to track your fertility, these period tracker apps are here for you.
This story was originally published on April 12, 2014, and has been updated throughout.
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MyFLO Period Tracker

Those interested in taking their period tracking a step further than just calendars and fertile days will appreciate the app from Flo Living. Created by Alisa Vitti, the MyFLO app tells you what phase of your menstrual cycle you're in (based on ovulation), and teaches you what to expect based on your hormonal changes.
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My Period Calendar

If you're interested in sticking to the basics (your period's timing, length, and symptoms), this is the app for you. Plus, its year-long calendar view allows you to review your past cycles and see how they've changed over time.
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YONO Period, Fertility, and Ovulation Monitor

Founded by women, this app helps you track your current period and better understand your cycle overall. It's record-keeping tracker allows you to review your activity and symptoms from the past month to prepare for doctor's visits, while its predictive features alert you to your next period and fertile window.
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Month Log - fertility and menstrual cycle tracker

This app keeps things super simple, tracking your period length, your cycle length, and your menstruation history, while alerting you to your fertility window. It doesn't get more straightforward than that.
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Day After - Period tracker, calendar, & diary

This app is worth the download for its timeline feature alone, which allows you to journal about and log your symptoms for each individual day of your cycle. Its wide range of "stickers" (each of which represents a different symptom or change) keeps the interface clean and easy to read.
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Period Tracker Lite

With a single tap, you can let this app know your period has begun. In addition to flow-specific factors (spotting, irregularity), you can log a wide range of other symptoms related to your cycle, thanks to this app's hugely customizable tracker. For example, users can choose from over 30 moods.
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Flo Period Tracker: Period & Ovulation Tracker

This simple, straightforward app helps you keep track of an irregular cycle by tracking the telltale symptoms that your period is on its way, like your temperature, moods, and sleep quality. Plus, the more you log, the more info you get: Flo sends you daily health insights, tips, and articles based on the amount of info you track.
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My Cycles Period and Ovulation Tracker

Track your current cycle while prepping for your upcoming periods and fertility windows with this streamlined app. Its ability to link up with other health-tracking devices (like Fitbit and the Apple Health App) makes it an extra useful addition to your overall wellness routine. Plus, you can exchange questions and tips with your fellow users in the app's community section.
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Period Tracker - Monthly Cycles

This beautifully designed app keeps you up-to-date on your cycle through its calendar and graphic displays. You can customize its settings to fit your needs, whether you want to log your symptoms, moods, and mucus, or if you'd rather stick just to your period. Plus, those who are planning on having children can take advantage of this app's handy "pregnancy mode."
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My Calendar - Period Tracker & Menstrual Calendar

Tailoring this versatile app to your needs is a snap, whether you're looking for a period and fertility tracker or just trying to log your irregular cycles. All of the info you track (which can include cycle lengths, body temperature, flow, moods, intercourse, and more) will appear in the app's streamlined calendar display — and you can always go in and edit past logs for increased accuracy.
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My Menstrual Diary

This password-protected app's standout feature is its calendar tracking system. Simple and personal, it allows you to log your menstrual activity by duration and rate your flow on a scale from "spotting" to "heavy." And this tracker gets more accurate as you use it: It draws on your previous cycles to provide you with up-to-date alerts for your next period.
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The Flow App

This app aims to serve you through your cycle, as it affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. While its free download version tracks your period, fertility, and medication use, in-app purchases add affirmative tips on such topics as life-coaching and love-making, too. A true educational tool, the Flow even has tips targeted for people with penises who are curious about the menstrual cycle.
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Pink Pad Period & Fertility Tracker Pro

This app is great for all your period-tracking and fertility-charting needs, but you'll also join its community of users when you download. Within the app, you can discuss topics as vast as conception, or as specific as how to use a menstrual cup. Whether you choose to engage with your fellow users or not, their advice is just a tap away.
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Touchable Period Cycle

This app keeps things simple yet informative, thanks to its visuals. It clearly illustrates your menstruating and fertile days in a single, detailed chart and allows to enter your symptoms and conditions into a calendar (not just a list), so you know exactly what to expect and when.
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Using just the date that your most recent period began, this app can determine the length of your cycle plus your fertile and non-fertile days. In other words, it can help you conceive or prevent pregnancy (though the accuracy of this type of fertility tracking has been debated), and simply keep track of your cycle. If you're concerned about irregularity, this app can even alert you via push notification when your cycle is shorter or longer than usual.
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EVA Period Tracker

This woman-designed app features a super-simple interface and helpful A.I. assistant named, you guessed it, Eva. Eva keeps you informed about your upcoming periods and fertility windows, while logging your menstrual history as you go. She'll even talk to you through the app if you wish — she's actually capable of cracking a period-related joke or two.
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Menstrual Period Tracker and Ovulation Calendar

This app can track up to four symptoms (such as stomach pains or headaches) in addition to your menstrual cycle and ovulation days. You can thoroughly document every day if you wish, whether you're menstruating, ovulating, or neither. And, if you like to switch between your Apple Watch and iPhone, this tracker easily transfers its info across devices.
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Period Tracker - Menstrual Calendar

This stylish app's interface is downright pretty — but it's definitely not all form and no function. It tracks past menstrual and fertile periods, maintaining a running list of its predictions, as well as your personal logs. This app is great if you just want to get a handle on your irregular period, or if you're trying to conceive. (It has a completely separate "pregnancy mode" you can switch to when the time comes.)
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Birth Control Reminder

This reminder app keeps things simple, with a streamlined interface that's compatible with the pill, ring, and patch. Its pre-alarm and auto-snooze features make sure even the most absent-minded users don't miss its alerts. And this app is highly customizable to the specific variety of pill or ring you use. Simply note the number of pills that come in your packs or your ring days and its refill tracker will take it from there.
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Period Tracker: PMS & Ovulation Calendar

Whether you're trying to get pregnant or need help predicting your irregular period, this app gets the job done. It tracks your temperature, moods, physical and sexual activity, and more, in order to give you a clearer idea of your cycle and when you're ovulating. This app also syncs with Apple's HealthKit if you have an iPhone and want it to take your sleep schedule and general health into account, too. And if that isn't enough, you can change the app's appearance if, as one reviewer put it, "cute isn't your thing."
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Virtual Nurse - Birth Control

Alice, the titular virtual nurse in this app developed by Harvard Medical School, can answer your questions either via text or voice command, Siri-style. Providing you pay for the full version of the app, she can answer just about any question you have about sexual health. But the free trial download is no slouch, either. There, Alice can specifically advise you on what type of birth control to choose. Alice is basically that impartial third party you've been looking for all these years.
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Photo: Courtesy of myPill Reminder.
myPill Reminder

This reminder app works for most forms of contraception, from the pill to the patch to the ring. But it doesn't just set off a loud-and-clear alarm to make sure you don't fall out of your routine — it also helps you plan ahead for your next order, checkup, and vacation (after all, it's easier to pack if you know when your period is coming). You can even track your period history within the app. Your future self and your doctor will be glad to have this record down the road.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fertility Friend Ovulation and Period Calendar.
Fertility Friend Ovulation and Period Tracker

Fertility Friend is no mere period tracker — it's like that friend that sends you at least 10 links to help answer a harmless question about your cycle. This tireless app familiarizes you with your body's internal rhythms by tracking and logging your periods and fertility signifiers, like basal body temperature and cervical fluid. It compiles all that info into easy-to-read, color-coded charts for you to save and refer back to. That way, this nosy BFF can help you when the time comes to start trying to get pregnant. Talk about a lifelong friend.
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Photo: Courtesy of Eve.

Recently redesigned with a more user-friendly interface, Eve tracks more than just your period. In addition to predicting your cycle, Eve keeps track of your sexual activity, moods, and symptoms. It can even identify patterns and trends that are unique to your body, like sleep patterns and exercise/activity.

Bonus: It also contains a community forum where you can discuss your health with other users.
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Photo: Courtesy of Aunt Flo.
Aunt Flo

This app’s simple but gorgeous design is every minimalist lover’s dream.

Aunt Flo tells it like it really is, with straightforward notes such as “for hell’s sake, your period is here” and “no, your uterus isn’t trying to kill you.” The sleek design minimizes clutter, so you can see your monthly cycle without any pesky popups or ads. You’ll also get notifications sent to you before your period starts, the day of your period, and when you’re ovulating, making it easier to track your cycle without having to monitor and micromanage your life.

The app isn’t free (it costs $1.99 to download), but it’s for a good cause — a portion of the app purchases go to providing women and girls in need with feminine hygiene products.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spot On.
Spot On

Designed by Planned Parenthood, this app lets you monitor your menstruation cycle as well as your birth control and overall sexual health. You can track and predict your period as well as keep track of how you feel during, before, and after your period (options range from “cramps” to “nausea” and “tender breasts.”

The app also summarizes your personal insights to give you an overall look at your period, with widgets describing your period symptoms and cycle dates. Plus, it has a really aesthetically pleasing layout.

And if you want to track your birth control, Spot On lets you choose what birth control method you’re currently using (pill, patch, ring, shot, IUD, implant, and so on) and record when you take it so as to send you reminders if you miss a day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cycles.

Cycles isn’t just any period tracking app. It’s designed to serve as a reminder of your cycle for you and your partner, should you feel comfortable with that. You can invite your partner to “connect” via Facebook and stay (intimately) up to date with your calendar. It’s especially helpful if you’re planning to get pregnant, but it also doesn’t hurt for someone to know when to come over with a heating pad and ibuprofen.

Your reminders and notes can be kept private, however, and even if you forget to log your periods for a few months, it’ll still predict your cycle when you come back. Plus, there’s the added convenience of viewing upcoming cycles at least two months in advance.
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Photo: Courtesy of Monthly Gift.
Monthly Gift

You may not think of your period as your “monthly gift,” but one app is looking to change that. Not only does it track and predict your cycle, it also sends you a monthly bag full of goodies to help you get through your period. The convenient little black box contains an assortment of tampons, pads, liners, and even a bonus bar of chocolate. Good looking out, MG.
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Photo: Courtesy of Clue.

It is — hands-down — the most aesthetically pleasing period tracker app. First of all, it hasn’t been hosed down with Pepto Bismol Pink. Second, the icons and fonts are awesome. It is clean, simple and extremely user friendly. Not only can you keep track of your monthly cycle, you can also track your fertility. While most apps only have options to track your mood, skin problems and sexual activities, Clue features a “fluid” tracker to help you determine when you’re most fertile. (I guess they think “fluid” is a nicer word than “discharge.”) Once it has your cycle down, Clue will remind you that your period is due to arrive two days before the anticipated date. One user complained that you don’t have the option for more reminders, but I don’t need more than 48 hours to find a tampon, box of chocolates, scratch-off lotto ticket and my VHS copy of Philadelphia.
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Photo: Courtesy of iPeriod.
iPeriod Tracker Free

iPeriod claims to be the original period tracker app. It isn’t as pink as the others, but does feature an orchid on the home screen which screams “vagina app.” If you can look past that, the app does have some great features. The one that seems to get the most use is the forum and social networking setup. With topics ranging from “TTC” (trying to conceive) to “Homework Help,” there seems to be a conversation going on for everything. Menstruation, pregnancy, and motherhood can be difficult things to wade through, and iPeriod offers a place for women to connect and talk about issues going on in their lives. The only real negative I saw in the free version is the immediate pop-up ad that appears when I open it. (I can handle it as long as it’s not something sad like Sarah Mclachlan and puppies.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Period Diary.
Period Diary

Period Diary is perfect if you don’t like wearing the same outfit twice. The app features a closet full of different skins for you to choose from. Of course they all include a giant flower to remind you that vaginas and blooms go together like Dolly Parton and big hair. Aside from the many wardrobe options, this app is simple and easy to use. You can track your period, fertility and sex life down to a T. Those who are using the app to track fertility can record the days they’re “intimate” with a little heart on the virtual calendar. I used this app when I was trying to get pregnant. It helped me find my window for optimal baby-making time. Like iPeriod, Period Diary features a forum for women to talk about all things womanly. Once I was pregnant, I loved reading about other women going through similar things like morning sickness. And by morning sickness I mean Satan’s wrath.
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Photo: Courtesy of Period Tracker.
P Tracker a.k.a. Period Tracker

P Tracker isn’t quite as simple as the others. But, once you figure the app out, it does allow for an in-depth analysis of your monthly flow. It has options to add your own symptoms to its already long list of common menstruation side effects. This was great for me because most apps don’t have my monthly main symptom, “Needed to eat an entire watermelon and a bag of Fritos” on their list. P Tracker also has a thorough fertility tracking aspect where you can track your temperature and fluids. The reminders are great, too, and you can type in whatever you want it to say. My friend chose, “Yo girl — you’re about to be on the rag soon!” which is way more exciting than “The wall of your uterus is about to shed because no sperm came to fertilize your egg.” Aesthetically, it isn’t bright pink or peppered with labia-shaped flowers (phew!), but it definitely isn’t as clean and crisp as Clue. To be frank, it looks like an app made out of AOL Instant Messenger emoticons.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Life.

It’s more than just a period tracker; as the name suggests, it’ll also help you keep track of, well, life. You can use it to keep an eye on your nutrition, fertility, fitness, and sleep. You’ll have to upgrade to premium to get those features, but even without them, Life is pretty sweet. There are no ads, you don’t have to sign up with your email, and its sleek interface is easy on the eyes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Glow.

Glow’s sleek interface makes tracking and predicting your cycle a walk in the park. Moreover, the app, which won the 2014 Webby award for Best Health & Fitness App, is also an all-in-one tracker for your ovulation and fertility, and it keeps you up-to-date with reminders for birth control and other medications. If you upgrade to Glow Premium, the app will connect you to a community of other Glow users for all your “Is this normal?” questions.

It even syncs with your Apple Watch and Fitbit, as well as with apps like Jawbone, MyFitnessPal, and Misfit, making it easier to keep all your fitness data in one place.
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Photo: Courtesy of Period Log.
P Log a.k.a. Period Log

Period Log is everything your inner 12-year-old needs. Seriously — the app uses Comic Sans-ish font. You also need to be as tech savvy as today’s 12-year-olds because it’s hard to navigate. It made me feel like I was trying to play Oregon Trail again, but drunk. By the time I figured out where to log my moods, I had to add “Extremely pissed off at my period app.” Rage blackouts aside, this app does track your period. Unfortunately, if you want fewer ads, a solid fertility log and more moods — you’ll have to upgrade to a paid version. I suggest that you spend the money on a Snickers bar instead.
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