8 Period Tracking Apps To Make Your Time-Of-The-Month A Total Breeze

Illustrated by Sydney Hass
There’s an app for that. And, by "that" we mean your period.
In my perfect period app, Judy Blume would pop up on my phone screen and remind me to clip my sanitary pad to my sanitary belt. Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect. But, that’s okay because we have some pretty exciting free period apps to track the arrival of Aunt Flow, the crimson wave, the blob, or whatever you call it. Whether you just want a heads up that you’ll be surfing the crimson wave soon, or a way to track your fertility, these period tracker apps are here for you.
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My Period Calendar

If you're interested in sticking to the basics (your period's timing, length, and symptoms), this is the app for you. Plus, its year-long calendar view allows you to review your past cycles and see how they've changed over time.
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YONO Period, Fertility, and Ovulation Monitor

Founded by women, this app helps you track your current period and better understand your cycle overall. It's record-keeping tracker allows you to review your activity and symptoms from the past month to prepare for doctor's visits, while its predictive features alert you to your next period and fertile window.
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Photo: Courtesy of Clue.
Clue is the Zooey Deschanel of period tracker apps.

It is — hands-down — the most aesthetically pleasing period tracker app. First of all, it hasn’t been hosed down with Pepto Bismol Pink. Second, the icons and fonts are awesome. It is clean, simple and extremely user friendly. Not only can you keep track of your monthly cycle, you can also track your fertility. While most apps only have options to track your mood, skin problems and sexual activities, Clue features a “fluid” tracker to help you determine when you’re most fertile. (I guess they think “fluid” is a nicer word than “discharge.”) Once it has your cycle down, Clue will remind you that your period is due to arrive two days before the anticipated date. One user complained that you don’t have the option for more reminders, but I don’t need more than 48 hours to find a tampon, box of chocolates, scratch-card and my VHS copy of Philadelphia.
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Photo: Courtesy of iPeriod.
iPeriod Tracker Free
iPeriod is the big sister of period tracker apps.

iPeriod claims to be the original period tracker app. It isn’t as pink as the others, but does feature an orchid on the home screen which screams “vagina app.” If you can look past that, the app does have some great features. The one that seems to get the most use is the forum and social networking setup. With topics ranging from “TTC” (trying to conceive) to “Homework Help,” there seems to be a conversation going on for everything. Menstruation, pregnancy, and motherhood can be difficult things to wade through, and iPeriod offers a place for women to connect and talk about issues going on in their lives. The only real negative I saw in the free version is the immediate pop-up ad that appears when I open it. (I can handle it as long as it’s not something sad like Sarah Mclachlan and puppies.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Period Diary.
Period Diary
Period Diary is the 1986 bridesmaid dress of period tracker apps.

Period Diary is perfect if you don’t like wearing the same outfit twice. The app features a closet full of different skins for you to choose from. Of course they all include a giant flower to remind you that vaginas and blooms go together like Dolly Parton and big hair. Aside from the many wardrobe options, this app is simple and easy to use. You can track your period, fertility and sex life down to a T. Those who are using the app to track fertility can record the days they’re “intimate” with a little heart on the virtual calendar. I used this app when I was trying to get pregnant. It helped me find my window for optimal baby-making time. Like iPeriod, Period Diary features a forum for women to talk about all things womanly. Once I was pregnant, I loved reading about other women going through similar things like morning sickness. And by morning sickness I mean Satan’s wrath.
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Photo: Courtesy of Period Tracker.
P Tracker a.k.a. Period Tracker
P Tracker is the AIM of period tracker apps.

P Tracker isn’t quite as simple as the others. But, once you figure the app out, it does allow for an in-depth analysis of your monthly flow. It has options to add your own symptoms to its already long list of common menstruation side effects. This was great for me because most apps don’t have my monthly main symptom, “Needed to eat an entire watermelon and a bag of Wotsits” on their list. P Tracker also has a thorough fertility tracking aspect where you can track your temperature and fluids. The reminders are great, too, and you can type in whatever you want it to say. My friend chose, “Yo girl — you’re about to be on the rag soon!” which is way more exciting than “The wall of your uterus is about to shed because no sperm came to fertilise your egg.” Aesthetically, it isn’t bright pink or peppered with labia-shaped flowers (phew!), but it definitely isn’t as clean and crisp as Clue. To be frank, it looks like an app made out of AOL Instant Messenger emoticons.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Life.
Life is the jack-of-all-trades of period apps.

It’s more than just a period tracker; as the name suggests, it’ll also help you keep track of, well, life. You can use it to keep an eye on your nutrition, fertility, fitness, and sleep. You’ll have to upgrade to premium to get those features, but even without them, Life is pretty sweet. There are no ads, you don’t have to sign up with your email, and its sleek interface is easy on the eyes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Period Log.
P Log a.k.a. Period Log
Period Log is the summer camp diary of period tracker apps.

Period Log is everything your inner 12-year-old needs. Seriously — the app uses Comic Sans-ish font. You also need to be as tech savvy as today’s 12-year-olds because it’s hard to navigate. It made me feel like I was trying to play Oregon Trail again, but drunk. By the time I figured out where to log my moods, I had to add “Extremely pissed off at my period app.” Rage blackouts aside, this app does track your period. Unfortunately, if you want fewer ads, a solid fertility log and more moods — you’ll have to upgrade to a paid version. I suggest that you spend the money on a Snickers bar instead.

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