The Long-Wear Makeup Our Editors Will Be Wearing All Summer

There are plenty of ways to keep your makeup on all day — some of which you've probably tried (like a dusting of setting powder) and some that are a bit more unusual (powdering your face like a donut and plunging head first into a bucket of ice water). But no matter how you choose to set your face, none of these things do much if you don't start with products designed to cling to your complexion in the first place.
As temperatures skyrocket and humidity spikes, we find ourselves reaching for products that'll keep up, like waterproof finds that last anywhere from eight to 12 hours on the most sweltering day. Of course, not all products that claim to stay in place actually do. To help, our editors are sharing the products that we swear by for the most humid days ahead.
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"You know how the nights you don't have any plans end up being the ones where you find yourself out until 4 a.m. on a Wednesday? I wore this lipstick on one of those and it was still on my lips the next morning." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
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"I recently tested nearly every concealer on the market, and I couldn't believe I've ignored this one for so long. It's tacky, but the tackiness makes it stick to your skin all day — which is great for covering my bright red acne scars." — Quinn
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"I smudged this eye pigment under my eyes at Panorama last year and it lasted through all heat, dirt, drinking, and crying I experienced throughout Frank Ocean's set." — Quinn
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"Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation is said to last a full 24 hours. Although I can't say I've worn it quite that long, I did wear it for 12 hours on a sweltering beach day. When I came home, my coverage was pretty much intact, save for a bit of grease around my nose where I get the most oily." — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
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"The product formulators over at Nudestix weren't kidding when they added 'waterproof' to this cream shadow's list of claims. The creamy crayon slides onto the lid without tugging or pulling, then sets in a couple of seconds to a seriously budge-proof finish. Seriously, you have five seconds tops to blend this out, so work fast." – Chan
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"I discovered this liner while grocery shopping at Whole Foods and was very surprised by how long-wearing it is. For a gluten-free formula that has jojoba oil and aloe vera juice on its list of ingredients, it manages to cling to my lashline like most waterproof liners do. It lasts all day on my oily eyelids and never leaves smudges on my lashline." — Chan
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"I'm a tinted balm girl through and through, but once a week, I'll feel like more color, and Powermatte is the only lipstick I've been loyal to since it launched last year. I put it on messily, like I would gloss, rub my lips together a few times, blot with a tissue, and it's set for the entire work day, no matter what I eat or drink. But the crazy thing is, despite how matte and non-budging it is, I don't feel the need to apply balm once."— Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor
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"I don't love the precise look of liquid and gel liners on myself. I want a smudgy, soft, lived-in look that also lasts through Spin class — a tall order that this Dior pencil handles best." — Tunell
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"I don't love wearing foundation during the summer, but when I need to (often to blend my fake tan) I use this. It offers the kind of semi-matte finish that looks natural, but lasts all day without melting off. This formula helped me through every rainy festival last season, and expect it to do the same this year." — Sam Sasso, Beauty Writer
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"When the sun comes out, so does my army of body makeup. This one offers a blurring effect that hides veins or scars instantly, but also doubles as a self tanner that lasts up to a week — even after you rinse it off." — Sasso
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"This product doesn't make the 24-hour, 18-hour, or even 12-hour promise a lot of other formulas do, but it manages to last that long anyway." — Sasso
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"A few festival seasons ago, I launched into this really nasty, hour-long ugly cry…because I was drunk. But miraculously, my makeup didn’t budge at all since I set it with All Nighter. If the setting spray can preserve my makeup through tears, then it’ll definitely keep me covered at a pool party." — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer
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"Lip pencils are a necessary evil when it comes to making your lipstick last all day — which is why I like lining and filling in my lips with this vegan product. It comes in tons of colors, has a rich, creamy finish, and is thin enough to fit in my wallet when I don’t feel like schlepping around with a tote." — Underwood
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"I know, the price of this mascara is a little intense, but there's a method to my madness. Most mascaras either immediately bother my sensitive eyes, or smudge and flake until they do. This formula never irritates, but what's more is that goes on thick and rich in one swoop and never flakes or smudges, even in humid weather." – Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor
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"Wearing sunscreen every day is easy, but reapplying it every few hours is another story. This powder sets makeup in the morning, makes sopping up shine easy through the day, and adds SPF to your skin in the process. Win-win! Plus, it's slim, so it fits in your purse much better than any jar of powder or tube of SPF." — Lebsack
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"This is one of the longest lasting blush formulas I've tried — and for $20 for an entire palette, it's also one of the best values, too. I recently travelled to Vietnam where I, quite literally, sweat through my clothes every single day, but my flush (somehow) stayed intact. My favorite effect is to sweep Drama under my cheekbones and Hot on the apples of my cheeks for a slightly-sculpted look." - Lebsack

Morphie 8c Cool Pro Blush Palette, $20, available at Morphe.


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