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THIS Is How To Keep Your Makeup Flawless For 12 Straight Hours

We tried it — and here's our honest opinion.

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When it comes to making my foundation last all day, coating it with a thick layer of baby powder and dunking it in ice cold water isn't exactly at the top of my list. (What ever happened to good 'ol primer?) But the technique, called "Jamsu," is actually a beauty trick Korean women swear by to offset sweat, water, and humidity, according to Refinery29's K-beauty correspondent Joyce Kong. (And they would know, considering South Korea has one of the rainiest, most humid climates in the world).
Naturally I had to try it out, so I grabbed my friend Ashley Vera (who also happens to be a killer beauty blogger), two bowls of water, and a tub full of baby powder. After buffing on our usual foundations and concealers, we dusted our faces with baby powder which, according to Kong, should come to resemble a well-powdered mochi. Once our faces were sufficiently dusted, we dunked them in water for 30 seconds. When we emerged, our faces (and hair and clothes...) were soaked, so we tissued off the excess water and continued with our usual makeup routines.
I'll be honest: Right after we performed Jamsu, my makeup looked horrible (read: dry, patchy, and velvety to the touch). By the end of the day, though, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. By 11 pm, my foundation was still in impeccable condition, my skin looked airbrushed, and my face was pretty matte (which is big for me, since I have oily skin). Curious to see how the day panned out? Check it out in the video above.
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Jamsu Makeup Setting Ashley Vera Ice Water FacialReleased on May 15, 2017

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