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Wet N Wild Is Launching An Entire Unicorn Line

And it won't break the bank.

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Last last year, when rainbow-colored highlighters started dominating our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, we thought we'd officially hit peak unicorn. Boy, were we wrong. Months later, people are still going crazy for anything remotely unicorn-branded. Hell, even Starbucks jumped on board. Blame it on escapism or nostalgia, but the mystical creatures are here to stay — and we just got a sneak peek at the next big rollout.
Wet N Wild, which launched the first-ever drugstore rainbow highlighter, is releasing a "Unicorn Glow Box" this month. The Instagram catnip contains three multi-colored highlighters, two color-shifting lipsticks, three eyeshadow pigments, and one adorable unicorn-horn makeup brush.
Like the last iteration, the rainbow highlighters are intense — think super metallic and ideal for anyone who likes a strobe that you can see from space. The eyeshadows, on the other hand, are better for those looking to get in on the trend while still maintaining an office day job. My favorite shade is Pegasus, a soft pink that looks great brushed over the lid for a subtle highlight.
But the best part of the line is definitely the color-shifting lipstick. The white shade is an icy pearl hue with blue shimmer. On its own, it's a little much (it gave me Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century vibes), but when you layer it over other colors, it takes on a cool holographic effect. The blue version, called Unicorn Soul, is a little easier to wear on its own thanks to its pink base with blue shimmer. Check them out in action in the video above.
Sadly, you'll have to wait until May 21st for the entire collection to launch at Ulta Beauty for $29. (If you're attending BeautyCon in NYC you can nab it a day early for $24.99.) Not ready to splurge on an entire set? Wet n Wild will be selling each item in the box individually on its website on May 22nd. And if you're still not the rainbow type, just go ahead and proceed over to our slideshow of goth beauty products. We won't judge.
Wet n Wild Unicorn Glow Box, $29.99, available May 21st at Ulta Beauty.
Wet Wild Unicorn Glow Box Rainbow Highlighters ReviewsReleased on May 8, 2017

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