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We Put Drugstore & High-End "Pizza Cutter" Eyeliner To The 8-Hour Test

This is how the new innovation works.

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Innovations in the beauty world happen at lightning speed. One minute I'm blending my makeup with good old-fashioned brushes, the next I'm buzzing my way to flawless foundation with a spinning applicator. While many categories of the makeup world have seen upgrade upon upgrade, liquid liner has pretty much stayed the same. It makes sense, right? Why fix something that isn't broken? Well, turns out, I was wrong.
Today, Revlon is bringing "pizza cutter" liner to drugstores for the first time. (MAC launched a similar version earlier this summer.) The liner, which has a distinct roller applicator, comes in four shades: black and silver-flecked black, as well as shimmery burgundy and teal.
I like to think of myself as a cat eye connoisseur, but to be completely honest, when I first pulled this funky-looking wand out of the package, I was a little intimidated. But, as it is with most new tools, once I played with it a few times, I was wielding it with ease. I suggest swatching and rolling the wheel onto the back of your hand first to get an idea of how much pressure you'll need. From there, you'll find there's actually a lot you can do with an applicator like this. The secret isn't to try to do your liner in one full roll. Instead, roll and feather the pigment onto your lash line in small sections — similar to how you would with a traditional liner.
The roller-wheel tip makes it especially easy to get precise, even lines and wings. You can also try cool feathered looks and more graphic styles. The formula itself is opaque, doesn't go gray like some black liquid liners do, and stays on the entire day. My favorite part? It's only $11.99.
Check out the video above to see it in action alongside a pricier version.
Revlon ColorStay Exactly Liquid Liner, $11.99, available at Revlon.
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Revlon Liquid Eyeliner Pizza Cutter Wand Review VideoReleased on October 1, 2017

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