Clarisonic Is About To Change The Way You Do Your Makeup

We expect our beauty tools to live up to the same standards we hold our sex partners to: They must be fun to play with, accommodating to our specific wants and needs, flexible, and willing and able to get the job done efficiently. Throw in a few vibrating pulses, and life is good.
The thing is, rarely does a foundation brush check all the boxes — until now. The latest brush head from Clarisonic — yep, the skin-care brand best known for its oscillating cleansing tools — is designed for makeup application, and uses its trademark sonic technology to deliver more than 18,000 micro-pulses (or micro-blends, as the brand refers to them) a minute. That means that applying your liquid and cream primers, foundations, concealers, and blushes becomes 18,000 times easier (or something like that) simply by popping the applicator onto any existing Clarisonic device.
"The idea came about several years ago when we were looking for a way to analyze wrinkles," Dr. Robb Akridge, the brand's co-founder and president, tells us exclusively. "We included makeup in the testing process and noticed the patented sonic oscillation technology behind Clarisonic is not only great for cleansing, but also for seamlessly blending makeup across the skin."
So, the voyage to transform the Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush into a multi-category beauty apparatus began. The bristles themselves are the company's bread and butter, so figuring out that part was a cinch. "We handcrafted a blend of soft, wavy, and flexible brush to grip the formula and evenly spread it across the face," Akridge says. "The tapered filament narrows at the tip, so you get that feather-like touch [which creates an airbrushed effect]."
But how exactly do you use it? First, you start by dotting on your liquid product (in our case, it was foundation) to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then, you turn on the device — "adjusting the speed to your preference," he says — and let the bristles gently glide across your face. "If the formula is thicker, you’ll likely want the fastest speed on the device."
Like you normally would with any other makeup sponge, start at the cheek, then move to the forehead area, and then the nose and chin, all in circular motions. When we tried it ourselves, the sonic technology made the foundation melt into skin faster than a snowman on a sunny day. And since the bristles are nonporous, even a tiny amount of product goes a long way. "The nonporous [bristles] prevent fiber clumping and reduce foundation waste," Akridge says.
After using it, our makeup looked both airbrushed and totally natural, blurred in all the right places, and completely lit-from-within — a "sex glow," if you will. Consider our minds blown.
Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush, $35, available for pre-order at Clarisonic. (Or scoop it on the site March 30.)
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