These Beauty Products Will Pair Perfectly With The Darkness In Your Soul

If the current fixation on unicorns, glittery bath bombs, mermaids, and childhood novelties like Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast is anything to go by, escapism is so hot right now. We all want nothing to do with the cold, harsh realities of life, and the beauty trends are showing it. Politics? No thanks. The possibility that rising sea levels will spirit us all away via one big wave by 2020? Hard pass. Threats to women’s rights unlike any we’ve seen in the past fifty years? Get outta here!
But the fact is, putting iridescent sparkles on your face is not the answer to all of life’s questions. And if the world is making you feel a little less than optimistic right now, there’s no reason you should ignore those feelings in favor of rainbow highlighter and soaps that look like slices of cake. Embrace the darkness. Embrace the other side of life, which is death, and use beauty products that feel a little more authentic to your inner misanthrope. Here are 11 good ways to start.

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