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This Video Of A Lush Bath Bomb In The Making Will Hypnotize You

See how Lush's Intergalactic bath bomb comes to be.

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Bath bombs are ubiquitous now, but imagine when they first launched. A solid ball the fizzes and spits and froths and turns your water purple or blue or pink? Weird as hell, right? But the people wanted something more fun than a soap bar or bubbles, so Lush delivered — and gets the credit for making bath bombs big. Last fall, I got the chance to see first-hand how Lush's most popular bath bomb, Intergalactic, is made. And let me tell you: It is a process. Before we get into it, though, a crash course. 1989 was the year Mo Constantine, one of Lush's founders, created the very first bath bomb. The Intergalactic iteration, however, wasn't launched until November 2015 — and in two short years, the blue, pink, and yellow globe has become the brand's best-seller (over 1.5 million of 'em were sold in 2016). Jack Constantine, product creator and Head Of Lush Digital (and son of co-founders Mark and Mo Constantine), created the Intergalactic bath bomb with the goal of creating an out-of-this-world experience in the tub complete with popping candy, color swirls, and lots of (biodegradable) glitter. "When inventing it, the film Guardians Of The Galaxy and its main character, Star-Lord, came to mind, specifically [the question of] what perfume he would have worn in the 1980s," says Amanda Sipenock, a brand and product trainer for Lush. "The Flight Of The Conchords song 'Bowie's In Space' also contributed to the bomb's creation." So there you have it. Now geek out in the video above, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Lush's Intergalactic bath bomb is born. Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb, $7.75, available at Lush.
Lush Bath Bombs Video How To MakeReleased on February 16, 2017

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