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Try To Look Away From This Video Of Nail Polish Being Made

So. Many. Colors.

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From feminist nail art to glittering geode manicures, we'll never stop coming up with ways to express ourselves through our hands. And luckily, brands like Orly keep churning out the colors and products we need to keep up with our ever-changing looks.
We went behind the scenes of Orly's sprawling, paint-splattered factory to see how its bright, innovative polishes are made. And trust us when we say it is truly a sight to be seen. Imagine rivers of burgundy and neon orange polish being mixed, swirled, and poured into glass bottles and gleaming, electric purple paint pouring from 200-pound vats. It's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but for beauty nerds.
Today, Orly — whose founder Jeff Pink invented the French Manicure — manufactures 5 tons of tinted lacquer every day. But the history of nail polish dates back way before that. Watch the video above to see the entire, mesmerizing process. Warning: manicure appointments may follow.
Correction: We mistakenly state that Orly makes 5 tons of nail polish everyday. In fact, we dont know how much they make. But it's a lot : )
Correction: Jeff Pink is not makeup artist, he owned a beauty supply store, selling products to makeup artists.
How Orly Nail Polish Is Made - Behind The Scenes VideoReleased on March 8, 2017

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