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PSA: Wet N Wild Is Restocking Its Rainbow Highlighter

We tried Wet n Wild's new rainbow highlighter.

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Update: A few months ago, we fangirled over the Wet n Wild Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter. It seemed that all of our unicorn-makeup dreams were finally coming true — and for less than five bucks. Turns out, however, that everyone else was equally excited. Because almost immediately after hitting stores, the highlighter...sold out.
If you weren't able to get your hands on it, now is your chance: Today, the brand restocked the product so you can snag it while supplies last. The only downside? Wet n Wild has upped the price by $1, so it's now $5.99. We still think it's a steal, though.
This story was originally published on September 21, 2016.
As far as the beauty community is concerned, this is the year of all-rainbow everything. Bursts of color are making their way into just about every new shadow palette, people continue to dye their hair daring shades (heck, even women in the 60+ age group are breaking down boundaries and going prismatic), and regular, old highlighter is getting upstaged by the ROYGBIV variety.
The first time we spotted rainbow highlighter was in April of this year, when news broke that one from Bitter Lace Beauty had gone viral. The $22 powder, which contains six different stripes of color, instantly sold out and later resurfaced on eBay for $1,225 — over 55 times its original asking price. Naturally, we were intrigued. Highlighter has traditionally been used to subtly enhance one's natural skin tone, but suddenly, people were desperate to make theirs pop.
That being said, $22 seemed like a lot to shell out for a product we might not use on the reg, so when Wet n Wild gave us the inside scoop on its brand-new take on rainbow highlighter (which launches today!), we jumped at the chance to take it on a test-drive.
The Unicorn Glow highlighter looks exactly like you would imagine a product with that name to look, but that's only in the package. On the skin, it gives a sheer, multi-colored glow that's quite pretty. You can see the stripes of color, but it's not like you'd be confused for a Lisa Frank character. I loved the faint wash of color so much that I wore it around for the rest of the day — and even got a few compliments. Will I be reaching for it daily? Probably not. Is it worth the $4.99 to have in your bag for festivals and fun nights out? 100%.
Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter in Unicorn Glow, $4.99, available at Wet n Wild.
Wet N Wild Rainbow Highlighter Review Video TutorialReleased on September 21, 2016

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