Can This Lipstick Really Flatter Everyone? We Put It To The Test

Kelly Clarkson probably wasn't referring to lipstick when she sang, "Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this." But she might as well have been. Because finding your ultimate, number-one, ride-or-die red lipstick is a real triumph. For most of us, the journey is filled with disappointment: This one's too orange; that one's too sheer; this other one's too chalky. Which one is just right?

Could this one — Revlon's new Love is On lipstick, which markets itself as a "universally-flattering red shade created to be loved and worn by all women" — be the one? Of course, we had to put it to the test. Seven R29 editors with different skin tones swiped it on, snapped a selfie, and shared their thoughts. Ahead, the results.

Revlon Love is On Super Lustrous Lipstick, $7.99, available at Ulta.
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Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
"I, like many beauty obsessives, hoard lipsticks. I have nearly 75 stashed in drawers in my apartment and my office desk. I'd venture to say that at least a third of them are some variation of red. What I'm trying to say is, I love red lipstick, and I knew I'd love this one. Before putting it on, I could tell it was a blue-based red with cool undertones — which I normally gravitate toward.

"This lipstick checks all my boxes: It's a flattering color, the formula is creamy and doesn't highlight any dry patches on my lips, it goes on smoothly, and it gives opaque coverage on the first coat. The only thing I'd change is the finish. It's satin, but I prefer my red lipstick to be matte. Still, that won't stop me from wearing this."
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Lexy Lebsack, West Coast Beauty Editor
"I consider myself a red lipstick expert, from high to mid to low price points, so this challenge immediately piqued my interest. First things first, the scent of this lipstick is not my favorite. It's sugary, like a saccharine-sweet lip gloss from middle school.

"That being said, the color is amazing and super-flattering. It's deep and bright at the same time, with a pink-y undertone that reminds me a lot of Tatcha's Kyoto Red. The color is so nice, I even dabbed a touch on my cheeks, too, just to tie it all together. Not mad at it, not mad at it at all."
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Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor
"I never wear red lipstick or any lipstick, really. I'm a tinted balm kind of girl; I just never feel like myself in a strong color. That being said, I liked this shade a lot. It looked different as I moved around the office trying to find the best lighting: Sometimes it was dark and moody, sometimes it had a hot-pink tint to it, but it was always flattering.

"The only thing it lost me on is the finish. I love a creamy balm, and this felt like one, but that doesn't work when the color is this bold. It was on my chin and under my nose within minutes, so I kissed a napkin a few times and that's when it really worked for me — when it was just an ombré stain. So pretty."

PS: People were divided over the strong peach-candy scent. It's definitely a lot, but I love it."
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Courtney Yates, Executive Assistant
"I love this lipstick! I have the hardest time finding a good red lipstick, so much so that I pretty much gave up on the quest. I always see these perfect dark-red shades on the Internet, but they never seem to exist when I try to buy a tube. But this shade actually works for me. Also, it smells amazing."
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Maria Del Russo, Beauty Editor
"I wear red lipstick on the regular. It's the color that's the most well-represented in my makeup bag. So, I swept on this red lipstick with the attitude of someone who has eaten just about every slice of pizza in New York City — this shade was going to have to be really special to knock my socks off. And, truthfully, it was...fine. Kind of like that pizza joint you'll pop into on your way home, but wouldn't go completely out of your way for.

"The color was pretty, the texture was quite nice (hydrating, but it stuck to my lips). Overall, I'd say this is a perfectly average red lipstick. I won't be ditching my other red lipsticks for this one any time soon, but if it's at the top of my makeup bag, then I'll definitely have a swipe."
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Lavonda Manning, Assistant Photo Researcher
"The texture is creamy and conditioning. I do think it's flattering on my skin tone — I usually have to mix reds to get my desired dark shade, but I would wear this by itself."
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Samantha Sasso, Beauty Assistant
"I typically reach for reds that have cool, blue tones, and this one fit the bill. I might apply it with a brush next time since it's so smooth (warning: don't touch it or it'll move everywhere), but that also means it felt so soft on my lips. All in all, the shade was a great red I'd keep in my weekly lipstick rotation."
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