I’m in My Sportscore Era. Here’s How I Achieve the Look & Lifestyle

Born in Venezuela in 1993, I immigrated to the United States at 3 years old. Growing up in the heart of New York City, my surroundings, culture, and family inspired my journey to find a unique sense of self-expression. In a melting pot of diversity, it was not just about standing out but also embracing the melange of cultures that can only exist in a place like New York. All of this led to my Mets jersey taking center stage in my wardrobe and “blokecore” or “sportcore” — a style characterized by sports jerseys and attire — becoming my norm.
Before I found my signature style, my wardrobe consisted of hand-me-downs, fast-fashion, and trendy clothing. I slowly realized my everyday style was a collection of outfits that trended overnight and phased out quickly; it was not sustainable or realistic. I was crowding my closet with piles of clothing that did not make me feel good. 
When I began to focus on what made me feel good, I realized that comfortability and accessibility were important to my closet. Curating a wardrobe that reflected my values and morals shaped my signature style. Growing up in New York City, where different cultures seamlessly intermingle, I found myself between two cultures: I felt pulled to embrace my Venezuelan roots and adopt the vibrant spirit of New York. I soon realized I didn’t have to pick one over the other. Both are part of my identity and my closet.
In middle school, my love for sports jerseys and sneakers started to materialize. While I couldn’t afford every sneaker release and jersey the mall had to offer, I got creative with what was at my disposal — I thrifted a lot of my clothing. I took my first step toward this fusion of cultures by adopting the Mets jersey. The Mets, an iconic baseball team in the city, are not only a source of local pride but also a symbol of unity among New Yorkers. People across different ethnic backgrounds, NYC neighborhoods, and economic levels don the jersey whether there’s a game or not. 
For me, wearing a Mets jersey was more than just a fashion statement; it was a representation of my deep connection to this vibrant city. The jerseys became a part of my identity, allowing me to communicate my love for the Mets and the Big Apple itself. Every time I adorned that blue and orange jersey, I felt like I was carrying a piece of New York with me wherever I went.
And while the jersey colors didn’t match the ones on the Venezuelan flag, it made me feel close to my culture, too. Venezuela and baseball go hand in hand — some of the greatest players of our time are Venezuelan and that makes me proud. From Johan Santana, to Eduardo Escobar, to Wilmer Flores, to name a few, Venezuelans have made their mark on baseball in the United States. Being able to relate to and recognize my people within the U.S.’s so-called greatest pastime brings a smile to my face and heart.
What made this journey truly special was the support of my family. They not only encouraged me to wear Mets jerseys but also any clothes that allowed me to express myself, regardless of cultural or gender norms. This was incredibly important for me, as it allowed me to explore my identity freely. In a society that often dictates what it means to be “normal,” having parents who understood and encouraged my choices was a true blessing.
Today, when I see my Mets jerseys hanging in my closet, I don't just see pieces of clothing; I see a chronicle of my personal growth, a bridge between two worlds, and a reminder that authenticity and self-expression are the most important aspects of fashion. These jerseys will forever be a part of my identity, telling a story that speaks to my identity as a Venezuelan in New York. 
Since I have found being in my sportscore era so freeing, here are a few ways you can achieve the look as well — no matter what team you support. 

Wear your sports attire with dressier items. 

I love to dress up any jersey or sports hat. I am a firm believer in the versatility of clothes, and being able to wear your sports memorabilia with dressier items in your closet is a no-brainer. They are two clothing items that don’t have the same vibe, and yet, they make for an interesting look. 

Accessories will make or break an outfit. 

I am always between adding too many accessories to an outfit or not incorporating enough. You will always know when an addition to your ensemble does not feel right, so remove it when the thought enters your head. This styling tip works for me because the less I do, the more I communicate with the rest of my outfit. 

Sneakers are always a good idea. 

Whether you wear a pair of sneakers with your outfit or carry them in a bag to switch into, your feet will be glad you made room for comfort. My mood thrives when I am comfortable, and so does my outfit. Being able to comfortably wear my outfit allows me to feel confident on a different level. 

Jerseys are just the beginning. 

When I began incorporating jerseys into my closet, I felt unique — until I realized it’s a timeless look that I can continue to morph in new ways at different stages of my life. This also changed my relationship with the rest of my clothes. Eventually, I began to look at every item in my closet in new ways. It inspired me to elevate other clothing items to match where I am in life as well. 

Don’t chase trends. 

Blokecore and sportcore may be having a moment on TikTok, but the style is a longtime staple in Latine and Black communities. Wearing sports jerseys and other paraphernalia helped me stand out in a unique and authentic way. 
My neighborhood saw me as a fashion style influence, not because I adhered to any particular trend but because I dared to be myself. While my peers might have been wearing the latest fashion, I was proudly displaying my love for the Mets, showing that style transcends brand names and trends. I was a beacon of individuality in a sea of conformity, and I cherished that role.

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