WFH Outfit Ennui? Here’s Something To Give Your Wardrobe An Oversized Boost

If there's one thing I've learned after several (very long) months spent within the confines of my apartment — aside from the limitless culinary opportunity that exists when you've got a bit of tahini in the pantry — it's that the whole idea of working from home is peppered with misconceptions. While kicking off the morning with some streaming yoga and a homemade pressed juice sounds absolutely dreamy, I consider it a successful start to the day if I've managed to coif my hair into an acceptable bun before all the Zooming beings. And as for screen-friendly makeup? I admire anyone with that kind of drive. Even as someone who adores/writes about/has a career that's largely dedicated to clothing, I've encountered a sweatshirt-shaped roadblock in the spot where my closet used to be.
Until I came across the perfect oversized blazer.
I've always appreciated the effortless polish of a classic blazer, especially one of the plaid variety. It's as suitable for a suit as it is for your hard pants (that's WFH speak for jeans) and can even pass for a dress if the hemline is just right. What I never expected is how I'd wind up clinging to my favorite patterned blazer like there's no tomorrow (at least not one that involves going outside), relying almost exclusively on this one garment to guide me through life on lockdown. When styled with soft leggings, my baggy blazer hits the ultimate trifecta of fashion, function, and future wear, earning its spot as the core piece of my daily indoor uniform.
The key here is that the blazer doesn't fit, and it's not supposed to. It's a menswear-inspired jacket tailored for the body of someone who's both taller and broader, thus falling dramatically from my shoulders and taking my torso with it — the same way a giant throw can swallow half of a couch. And that's exactly the point, because the more fabric the garment has, the more room you've got to chill, work, nap, and revel in whatever charming hobby it is that you've picked up over the past month (I'm looking at you, puzzle people). An oversized blazer rarely wrinkles... or at least features a distracting enough print where you can't tell if it has. It's sharp but not suffocating. It's your wardrobe's equivalent of that friend you can count on to get you out of a sticky situation, transporting you swiftly from couch to cyber meeting with no extra layers or accessories required.
What's more: the end of quarantine certainly doesn't mean the end of this relationship. My oversized blazer was designed to thrive out in the real world, and as the top half of a matching set, it's patiently waiting to be reunited with its other partner: a fine pair of Bermuda shorts. And I truly believe that once the sweatsuits get put away and I'm back to my regular routine of outdoor outfit planning, the blazer, the shorts, and I will make one heck of a team.
Ahead, find your own sartorial soulmate and shop a selection of boxy blazers to give your WFH attire a boost.
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