How To DIY Your Own Matching Set

While it used to be that wearing a certain look or pattern head-to-toe felt uninspired, this season's outfit du jour is anything but. Seemingly overnight, the two-piece, matching set has skyrocketed in popularity (and accessibility); now, there's nary a website to shop without spotting at least one of these playful co-ords. Just open up a glossy and see your favorite celebs sporting the look, too (hat tip, Taylor Swift). See? It's okay to be a little matchy-matchy this summer.
So, discerning shoppers that we are, we took our infatuation with the trend a step further, concocting our own combinations of prints and patterns for nine brand-new, never-before-seen pairings of crop tops and culottes, bralets and full skirts, and so on. Consider this your next DIY, and fast-forward for the duos you never knew you needed — until now.

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