These Are The TikTok Editing Apps You’ve Been Seeing On Your “For You” Page

There is no good or bad time to jump on the TikTok bandwagon. Now that you are spending less time commuting, maybe get some cardio in while learning the Renegade. If you're at a loss for inventive ways to socialize, gather a group of friends to join TikTok and duet with each other. 
Something that often goes unmentioned when we talk about TikTok is that many of these untouchable-cool teens with enviable feeds are actually quite transparent about the tools they use to craft their aspirational lives. One of the app's biggest hashtags is #Editing101 and has over 2 billion posts full of people demonstrating different editing techniques and exchanging tips. There, you can find tips on how to edit pictures on any given iPhone model, how to use things like Adobe Creative Suite (either for school or for fun), as well as advanced step-by-step tutorials.
Instagram took photo-sharing to a whole new level by offering a set of filters that inspired us to look at photo-sharing differently. And TikTok is no different, with editing features like Green Screen, Face Zoom, dueting, and sound borrowing all built into the app. But just as VSCO came in and offered Instagrammers an extended suite of features, a host of new editing apps are doing the same for TikTokers.
So here are a few of the editing apps you've likely seen on your ForYou page. It's worth noting that a lot of the major TikTokers do just fine with the in-app features, while others pull out the big guns like Adobe Creative Suite. These are just some fun ones to play around with.

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