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I Tried This K-Beauty "Primer"—& The Results Might Scare You

This face shield is supposed to help keep acne at bay, but is it worth the mess?

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Sleeping in your makeup is largely considered the top cardinal sin of beauty, right up there with picking pimples and skipping sunscreen. Thankfully, there are tons of products out there to make it easier to come clean before hitting the hay, like makeup-removing wipes and heavy-duty oil cleansers. But what if we told you there was something even faster? We're talking about a new miracle product that you can apply to your skin, before applying your makeup, that creates a barrier between your pores and products — and you can literally peel it off your face and dispose of it after. Would you try it?
The product in question — Farmermaker's Direcsil Face Shield Patch — hales from South Korea and features vague instructions that make it difficult to decipher how it's truly meant to be used. The directions read: "Facial patch that protects the face from direct contact with makeup and pollutants." But after seeing videos of the product go viral online, I knew I had to try it — but not before finding out what the hell is in it.
Apparently, the Face Patch is infused with an active ingredient called centella asiatica, also known as tiger grass, which can soothe skin and promote healthier barrier function, according to Joshua Zeichner MD, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital. He also added that the patch is likely made up of flexible polymers that allow the mask to maintain a somewhat flexible and breathable texture once it has dried on your skin. It all sounded interesting enough, so I slathered it on and hoped for the best. Spoiler alert: I regretted it immediately.
This product took me back to my elementary school days — the era of spreading Elmer's Glue all over my palms and finding joy in peeling off the skin-like sheets once they had dried. The Direcsil Face Patch provides a similar sensation, except it's on your face. Still, I was committed to giving this the ol' college try. Press play on the video above to find out how it went...
Farmerkmaker Direcsil Face Shield Patch ReviewReleased on March 19, 2018

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