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I Have Over 200 Beauty Products — & This Is How I Finally Got Organized

This is what a beauty editor's messy desk actually looks like.

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The Oxford dictionary defines decluttering as "removing things that you do not use, so that you have more space and can easily find things when you need them." But in recent years, the word has come to symbolize so much more than yearly spring cleaning. Decluttering has become a lifestyle, one that acclaimed "tidying consultant" Marie Kondo believes can lead to a better, more serene life.
To be completely honest, I've never really believed in all that. I wouldn't call myself a slob, but I wouldn't say I'm a tidy person either. But after three years of accumulating boxes worth of random things on my desk, I started realizing just how frustrating it is to work in an environment that feels as if it may topple onto you at any moment.
As a beauty writer, I get a lot of stuff in the mail — most of it it product that I keep to review for stories or videos I'm creating. This, coupled with the fact that I have a tendency to keep things I don't necessarily need, has caused my desk to become more of a dumping ground that an actual place of work. So, in an attempt to turn over a new leaf, I decided to seriously declutter my space once and for all. And to my surprise, weeks later, I'm starting to believe that less stuff can actually lead to a bit more happiness (or at the very least, efficiency).
Press play on the video above to find out exactly how I turned my desk into the ultimate workplace vanity.
Best Way To Organize Your Makeup Products, Its So EasyReleased on June 11, 2018

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