How To Tackle Spring Cleaning, According To Your Sign

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The pile of crap on that one chair you use for the sole purpose of collecting crap is getting alarmingly high. And if that alone hasn't tipped you off, then maybe the extra daylight and chirping birds will: Spring is just about here and that means it's time for a fresh start. When the vernal equinox officially arrives on March 20, spring cleaning season will be in full swing. The only question that remains is where you ought to focus your efforts on.
In the same way that your Zodiac sign can help you determine the best New Year's resolution or first date idea, so, too, can it illuminate the area of your life that most deserves a good cleaning. For example, fastidious Virgos may have their calendar, checkbook, and contacts list under control, but their bulging carry-all bag could use a little attention. Meanwhile, enterprising (yet scatterbrained) Sagittarians would do well to sit down and streamline their work life.
We all have some wintertime clutter. With guidance from the stars, we can clear it away to make room for new developments. Ahead, find out how your sign should kick off the springtime.
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illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Spring-clean your: contacts list

Why your sign needs it: Springtime coincides with your solar season, Ram, so this is your chance to call the shots in your personal life — starting with who you choose to be a part of it. One of the gifts that comes with being an Aries is your ability to detect fake friends a mile away. If you believe a few snakes have slipped through your filter, now's the time to put a hard limit on how much you're willing to put into those relationships going forward.
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Spring-clean your: bedroom

Why your sign needs it: Taurus season is near, so if you're going to be the belle of the ball, you'd better rest up now, dear Bull. Banish any screens, work, or distracting clutter from your sleeping area, and consider picking up a fresh set of sheets. Not only will your quality of sleep benefit from a calmer bedroom, your sex life might get a boost, too. And what sensual Taurus could resist that?
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Spring-clean your: social media

Why your sign needs it: Your sign loves staying up to date with the latest Big Thing, but how many apps does one phone need? You don't have to delete your Vero account or scrub your Insta feed right away, but do consider which networks actually serve you IRL. If you only come up with a handful, it might be time to get rid of the rest (or at least turn off their notifications).
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Spring-clean your: living room

Why your sign needs it: The winter is a tough time for summer babies like you, Cancer. Your normal inclination is to open your home up to your friends and loved ones for a movie night or slumber party, but the windchill can turn you into a solitary Crab. As the outside world begins to thaw, make your living space a little warmer. Put away your countless throw blankets and fuzzy slippers. Now's the time to break out your board games and bar set — company's a-coming.
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Spring-clean your: closet

Why your sign needs it: Sure, you know where everything is in your closet, but anyone else would need a map and a pickaxe. We understand that fashionable Leos like to have an outfit for every occasion, but you probably don't need all that stuff from 2009 that you've shoved all the way to the back. Besides, this is a great excuse to clear some space and stock up on the latest trends.
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Spring-clean your: purse, tote bag, and anything else you lug around all day

Why your sign needs it: You'll never catch a Virgo unprepared. That's in part thanks to your natural resourcefulness, but the massive carry-all you sling across your aching shoulder deserves some credit, too. As comforting as it may be to have your phone, wallet, keys, charger, backup charger, granola bar, water bottle, and at least three packs of gum on you at all times, you don't need all that when you're running to the store. Toss out the non-essentials and let your bag be a bag again — not a security blanket.
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Spring-clean your: calendar

Why your sign needs it: A Libra's dance card is always full, but are you happy with the commitments you're adding to it? Take a step back and reconsider how you're spending your time and who you're spending it with, Libra. As hard as it is to decline an invitation, you might be better off having a night in with your BFFs instead of going out with work acquaintances (just say you'll catch them next Friday).
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Spring-clean your: spending

Why your sign needs it: Whether you admit it or not, Scorp, you love to feel in control, especially in the "adulting" areas of your life. So, make sure your checkbook is balanced, your credit is where you want it to be, and your loan payments are not being ignored. Your sign hates dealing with uncertainty, and only once you feel like you're on stable ground will you be able to unwind and actually enjoy that springtime sunshine.
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illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Spring-clean your: professional persona

Why your sign needs it: Sags don't usually enjoy putting their ducks in a row, but when it comes to your desk clutter, résumé, and LinkedIn profile, those ducks need aligning badly. Whether you're hunting for a new position, seeking a promotion, or just trying to get the maintenance staff to like you a little more, a gleaming workspace and an organized online presence are sure to make you stand out (in a good way).
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Spring-clean your: commute

Why your sign needs it: Goats like you wrote the book on multitasking, but that isn't always a good thing, Cap. If you get rid of something this spring, let it be the half dozen tasks you try to execute while on your way into the office every morning. That means canceling the phone calls you said you'd take in the car and refusing to check your email on the train platform. You might think this will make the rest of your day more chaotic, but it'll only make your rides to and from work a little less frazzled.
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illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Spring-clean your: journal

Why your sign needs it: No one has ideas like you, Water Bearer, but sometimes your brainstorming can get away from you. Are your notes from the last meeting even legible to you? If your notebook is starting to look more like a book scribbles than the birthplace of your next grand project, reconsider how you're jotting down your thoughts. You don't have jump on the bullet journal bandwagon (in fact, your rebellious sign probably won't allow it), but a neat, streamlined list never hurt anyone.
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illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Spring-clean your: self-care routine

Why your sign needs it: You're not sure when it happened, but suddenly your skincare regimen consists of a dozen products, and your bedtime ritual now takes at least an hour and a half to complete. You love making time to show yourself you care, but are you doing all this because it actually helps or because you read online that it might? Pisces, embrace the minimalist lifestyle and only do what really makes you feel good. In other words, keep the bubble bath, and lose the weird foot massager.
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