The Best New Year's Resolution For Your Zodiac Sign

produced by Julie Borowsky; modeled by Kiara Sherman; photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Whether you actually follow through on your promises to read more books and get more sleep in the new year or leave your New Year's resolution behind by mid-March, let's be real: Setting a goal you could reasonably complete in the next 12 months is daunting enough, before you even start trying to attain it. If you're thinking about setting a resolution for 2019 but don't know where to start, might we suggest consulting your astrology sign?
This is not to suggest that every single Gemini should start next year with the exact same game plan, but it is likely that most Geminis will feel the celestial events of 2019 in roughly the same areas of their lives — so wouldn't it be nice if you could plan for those effects accordingly, say, through your New Year's resolution?
Here, we're making our resolution recommendations for every sign in the Zodiac, based roughly on what the stars hold in store for you in 2019. And no, we aren't going to make anyone start a bullet journal

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