How To Tackle Spring Cleaning, According To Your Sign

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
The pile of crap on that one chair you use for the sole purpose of collecting crap is getting alarmingly high. And if that alone hasn't tipped you off, then maybe the extra daylight and chirping birds will: Spring is just about here, stargazers, and that means it's time to start fresh. When the vernal equinox officially arrives next Tuesday, March 20, spring cleaning season will be in full swing. The only question that remains is where you ought to focus your dust-busting efforts.
In the same way that your Zodiac sign can help you determine the best New Year's resolution or first date for you, so, too, can it illuminate the area of your life that most deserves a good clean-out. For example, fastidious Virgos may have their calendar, chequebook, and contacts list under control, but their bulging carry-all bag could use a little attention. Meanwhile, enterprising (yet scatterbrained) Sagittarians would do well to sit down and streamline their work life.
We all have some wintertime clutter. With guidance from the stars, we can clear it away to make room for new developments. Ahead, find out how your sign should kick off the springtime.

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