The Video Your Messy Roommate NEEDS To See

Chances are, you and your roommates are no strangers to squeezing your rainbow collection of Essie nail polish and delicate Lush products into one tiny bathroom. This situation is ripe for storage-related disasters — or at the very least, it's a perilous recipe for early morning shower traffic jams.
Luckily, Refinery29's Bea Copeland is ready to clear off even the most cramped counter spaces. Armed with a small budget and a couple of easy-to-recreate organizational hacks, she's sharing her top tidiness tips with three Brooklyn friends struggling to optimize their cluttered bathroom. Our favourite neatness trick? The repurposed shoe rack Bea transforms into a hanging cubby for beauty products and hairdryers. Watch the video above to see her tackle those dauntingly disorganized spots in shared spaces (we're looking at you, shower ledges). That communal tampon bin is going to be a lifesaver for co-habitating women whose under-sink storage is precious.
Target fans (or anyone with nostalgia for those handy shower caddies of yesteryear) this one is definitely for you.

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