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I Recreated The Glossier Ads — Here's What I Looked Like

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes taught me her tips for getting that signature glossy skin.

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It seems every millennial on Instagram has an opinion on Glossier. There are the people who would go gaga if the brand launched toilet bowl cleaner next, and there are those who think it focuses on unattainable beauty standards and offers products fit only for people with already beautiful skin and sky-high cheekbones.
I've always felt I fall somewhere in between. I, too, have scoffed at the brand's ads, wondering if there was any way in hell I'd be able to look as good in seven products as Glossier model Coco Baudelle looks in just one. But still, I consistently pin the brand's posts on Instagram and get giddy over each new launch. So I decided I might as well actually try to learn how to get the Glossier look IRL. I enlisted the help of makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes — the woman responsible for the makeup in the Lidstar, Body Hero, and Haloscope campaigns — for help.
Hughes took me under her wing and taught me that the secret to getting impossibly dewy skin, glowy eyelids, and juicy lips is not necessarily having supermodel features (although that certainly helps), it's about knowing the right techniques. Above, check out all of Hughes' best tips for recreating the Glossier look, then keep watching to see me attempt it all by myself for the rest of the week.
How To Get Glossier Makeup Look - Makeup Artist TipsReleased on April 24, 2018

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