15 Easy Shoes To Slip On & Go

We've all put ourselves through a lot of less-than-easy moments in the name of fashion: Remember that time you bought a pair of shoes a half-size too small, just because they were the last ones on the shelf and it was obviously "meant to be?" Or, how about the sweater that caused you an allergic reaction, even though you wore a T-shirt underneath?
Thankfully, shoes don't always need to be a malfunction waiting to happen. The slip-on sneakers, backless loafers, and easy mules that have risen in popularity this year mean that finally, something about getting dressed can be straight-up easy. You owe it to yourself (and your feet) to shop the 15 throw-on-and-go picks ahead. We can guarantee there'll be no ifs, ands, or lacing up about it.

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