18 Celebrities That Will Convince You To Get A New Ear Piercing

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Whenever we need makeup inspiration before date night or brunch, we turn to our favorite celebs. Maybe we can pull off green eyeshadow like Lucy Hale? Or dark lipstick like Olivia Munn? We scroll through their Instagram accounts, screenshotting their latest cuts and colors to take to our hairstylists before appointments. And now, prior to hitting up the piercing shop, we’ll be turning to them, too.
Turns out, some of your favorite stars are major piercing enthusiasts. We’re talking belly button, nipples, and — of course — ears. Some celebs have taken lead on the trends sweeping New York and L.A by rocking multiple jewels in their ears. Because why have one, when you can have a ton? If you’ve considered dabbling with another ear piercing, we’ve rounded up the stars with the coolest jewelry that'll convince you to bite the bullet, ahead.
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Lucy Hale has three holes along her lobe.
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Shay Mitchell's solo helix piercing is classic, but still makes a statement.
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Gigi Hadid has three piercings that travel to her upper lobe.
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So does Halsey, who took a bold approach by adoring her lobes with mutli-sized hoops.
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If you're feeling experimental, copy Zoë Kravitz's ear designs. The actress has an upper lobe and conch piercing in one ear and her tragus pierced on the other.
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RiRi has some bad-gal piercings that are totally on trend. The singer rocks multiple lobe piercings along with a tragus hook.
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Why house one earring when you can have five like Nicole Richie?
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Ashley Graham's ear is like one fun jewelry party. The model has her standard and upper ear lobes pierced, along with her double helix and inner conch.
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If six piercings in one ear is good enough for Beyoncé then...
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Kehlani rocks gauges and two dainty diamonds on her upper lobe.
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You may have missed Dakota Fanning's outer-conch bling because it's so tiny.
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Emma Roberts' upper ear lobe piercing makes a simple, yet stylish, statement.
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Vanessa Hudgens' double lobe jewelry is slightly spaced out for a modern feel.
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Ayesha Curry sports an industrial piercing, along with three tiny earrings along her upper lobe.
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Teyana Taylor's triple cartilage piercing is the perfect amount of edge.
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Kelly Rowland's tragus and cartilage jewelry is so tiny, you've probably never noticed it — but we love it for that exact reason.
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Cassie's piercings climb from her standard lobe to her helix.
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Blake Lively has a total of five lobe piercings between both ears.

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