The Ear Piercings Our Editors Are Getting For Fall

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
Ears are meant to be decorated — at least that's what L.A.'s raddest celebrity piercer, Brian Keith Thompson, will tell you. "They need it. They want it. They were put there to hang jewelry off of," he says. And when it comes to our fall beauty wish list, he's not wrong. Ear piercings, really, have never been cooler than they are right now. Whether you're interested in a rook, daith, orbital, or even a cluster of constellation piercings, you've got an endless supply of options to choose from — and that's the beauty of it in 2018.
In honor of summer coming to an end, our editors are sharing the piercings they're eyeing for fall, ahead.
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"I recently got my upper cartilage pierced with a diamond stud. But I’m considering a double piercing along my lower cartilage after seeing how cool these tiny gold hoops look." — Aimee Simeon, Beauty Writer
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"I’ve had a gold hoop in my forward helix on my right ear for about 10 years — it’s the only earring I ever wear. I can’t be bothered with lobes because I need something I can fall asleep in and forget about, but I think she needs a sister... or three. I think I’d love this 'Tash rook' on the left side. It's pretty and suits my general vibe of 'if it’s not attached to me I will lose it immediately' that keeps me away from dangly earrings." — Rachel Krause, Senior Beauty Writer
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"I’m a piercing novice, so multiple lobe piercings still sound exciting to me. Bonus: They're a lot easier to heal than something like your tragus or cartilage..." — Sam Sasso, Beauty Writer
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"Stacking the second and third lobe piercing makes for such a pretty medley of jewelry I can't resist." — Sasso
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"I love the look of multiple dangly earrings, even though my hair is tangled just thinking about it." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
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"I had to remove my rook piercing before reporting from inside two women's prisons (no metal of any kind was allowed), so I'll be asking Thompson to re-pierce it when I finally go in to get the other piercing I've been dying for..." — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor
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"Behold: The forward helix! It's incredibly discrete when your hair is pushed forward, but when worn with a sleek, low bun (my go-to for hurried mornings and formal events) it looks so badass just floating on the top of your ear." — Lebsack
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"I'm obsessed with the combo of earrings on this ear. I already have two bottom lobe piercings, so adding one more won't be hard. Now, I'm even more inspired to go for a cartilage piercing, too. Or maybe just fake it with a tiny gold studded cuff to start..." — Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant
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"I've recently been considering lining the entire outer edge of my ear with six or seven piercings all the way up to the cartilage with tiny gold hoops." — Decker
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"I'm so intrigued by all the bar and cuff piercings. Since I have Afro hair that is usually pulled back, I think a piercing like this would really be noticeable (because if I'm going to get another ear piercing, I want it to be seen). Or, it will get caught in my curls all the time..." — Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director

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