Making The Case For A Sunglasses Wardrobe

Designed by Olivia Santner
When we discovered Betty Bachz on Instagram, the first thing we noticed was her mega eyewear collection. Cat-eyed, tinted, bejeweled, angular, rounded, and every shape and color in between, it's fair to say the co-founder of MØY Atelier knows a thing or two about a good pair of sunglasses.
"I struggled to find eyewear that I loved which also lasted more than a season and had a brand aesthetic I could align my values with," Bachz, who traded in her job as a hedge fund analyst to launch her own label, tells Refinery29. "There was nothing in the market combining unique design with premium quality, and independent eyewear brands were scarce at that time. We wanted to create a unisex brand that dared to have a feminine expression, creating truly unique designs with the best materials and hand-craftsmanship out there."
Bachz's love for sunglasses isn't a new fascination, either; she says her penchant for statement eyewear started young and only continued to grow. "Over the years, I bought a lot of different eyewear to fit different moods and occasions," she says. "By 2015 I had an enormous eyewear collection, from vintage pieces to contemporary pieces from all the big brands." She doesn't see glasses as a mere accessory, either. "I don’t believe in sunglasses just for their practicality. I’ve always believed in an eyewear wardrobe. Putting on a piece of eyewear should be just as important as putting on a piece of clothing." Amen to that.
With summer just around the corner, we're looking to Bachz's best pairs to inspire building out our very own sunglasses collection. Time to get shady.

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