We Never Thought This Trend Would Make A Comeback, But Here We Are

There are few '90s visions more iconic than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, splattered across a VHS cover, mischievous faces adorned in pink- and blue- tinted sunglasses (respectively, of course). For the last 20-odd years, we've thought of this classic image as nothing more than nostalgia, a bump in fashion time to reflect back on. Well, welcome to 2017, where there are no rules, and all of the trends of our past are seemingly rising from the dead.
Colored sunglass lenses, however, have escalated from the sweet '70s throwback involving a tint of rose gold or a Wes Anderson-inspired mustard couch. Now, you'll find everything from pastel purple rounded frames to sage green aviators. (In case you're still harboring feelings for the colored lenses of our past, though — square-lensed in an ice cream-ready shade with a bedazzled shape in the corner — they're still very much available). But if you're in the market for a more subtle (read: modern) take on the trend, step ahead (or back in time) for some of our top picks.
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