10 Best Sex Toys Ever Invented

Photographed by Megan Madden.
As a sex writer, I've played with a lot of sex toys. Rabbit vibrators, wands, clit vibes, finger vibes, glass dildos, strap-ons — my bedside drawer is bursting with them. And in all this testing, I've learned which sex toys work best for my body, and what a good quality sex toy looks and sounds like — whisper-quiet and made from quality materials like medical-grade silicone or stainless steel.
So, in honor of National Sex Toy Day (November 4), I'm sharing my favorite sex toys with you. If there were awards for the best sex toys ever invented, these 10 would have my vote.
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We-Vibe's Nova

The biggest complaint people have about rabbit-type vibrators (toys with both an internal and external arm) is that the external "ears" don't hit their clitoris consistently. Unless the external arm of the vibrator is flexible, it'll lift off of your clit as you thrust the internal arm deeper into your vagina. But that's not a problem with Nova. This toy has a super flexible arm that bends with your body and your thrusts. Plus, you can hook it up to We-Vibe's app and let your partner control the vibrations from afar.
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Dame Products' Eva 2

In addition to looking like a cute little alien, Eva 2 is a perfect toy for anyone who likes a combo of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The arms of this toy fit into your labia so Eva 2 can rest on top of your clit while your partner penetrates you with a penis or dildo.
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Unbound's Squish

Anything squishy is fun, amiright? But the most fun part about Squish isn't that it's well, squishy. It's that the harder you squish it, the harder it vibrates. That makes it really easy to control the intensity of this toy, and also makes it a blast to play with.
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Unbound's Gem

Don't let the idea of putting glass inside your body scare you. Glass dildos are incredibly safe. Plus, glass is hard and inflexible, which makes it a wonderful material for sex toys that press into your G-spot.

Pro-tip: Stick Gem into your freezer for a bit, and then trail the cold toy down your body before using it.
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LELO's Sona Cruise

Sona Cruise falls into a relatively new class of sex toys, including the Womanizer and Satisfyer. Instead of vibrating like most sex toys, these kinds of toys use sonic waves to send pulses throughout your vagina — and in doing so, they tend to affect a bigger portion of the clitoris. People who've used toys like the Sona Cruise claim that they have orgasms in seconds, and I can say that is 100% true.
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Sweet Vibrations' tuLips

By hugging the clit and putting pressure against your vaginal lips, tuLips is designed to stimulate the entire clitoris (rather than just the tiny portion you can see).
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LELO's Ora 2

It's almost impossible to perfectly mimic oral sex with a vibrator, but Ora 2 comes pretty damn close. Thanks to a rotating bead covered in super soft silicone, this toy really feels like someone's tongue is circling your clit, if the person eating you out had a vibrating tongue.
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Le Wand Petite

You may have heard the original wand vibrator, The Hitatchi Magic Wand, compared to a Cadillac. That's because these types of vibrators tend to be powerhouses, so they're good if you like intense vibration. I'm partial to the Le Wand Petite because it's about half the size of typical wands (which are very large) and I find the smaller version easier to handle.
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Spareparts Hardwear's Unisex Joque Strap-On Harness

Strap-on harnesses are notoriously difficult to maneuver, thanks to all the adjusting you need to do. But this harness is made with velcro bands rather than leather or nylon straps, so adjusting it to your perfect fit is easy. It also has a silky smooth material covering the genital-area, which is helpful for keeping your dildo from pulling on your pubic hair (ouch!).
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Dame Products' Fin

Have you ever tried a finger vibe? They're little vibrators that fit on your fingers, and that you can either use while masturbating or with a partner. This particular finger vibe is great because it allows for more flexibility than most. Because Fin fits so well to your fingers, you can still bend them while wearing the toy, while other finger vibes keep your fingers pin-straight.

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