This Amazon Duffel That Beats Baggage Fees Is $10 For Prime Day

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If you've ever booked an incredibly cheap flight deal with an airline like Spirit or Frontier, then you've also probably dealt with some hidden-baggage-fee hoopla. Nothing squashes the excitement of scoring a round trip PLANE ticket for under $100 dollars more quickly than arriving at the airport and getting slapped with an extra $80 dollars in fees for your "oversized" luggage. Well, what if I told you that I unearthed the best-kept travel secret since rolling up your clothes became a thing? Although you might be thinking that this is some clickbait nonsense, I kid you not when I say that the answer lies with a compact duffel bag you can buy off Amazon for $13. I, too, was skeptical at first. However, after a little light Googling and browsing through thousands of convincing reviews, I was convinced that what I had stumbled upon truly was one of the biggest budget airlines hacks of all time. With over 5,000 reviews and a 4.5-out-of-5-star rating, the Wandf Foldable Travel Duffel Bag is crafted from durable water-resistant nylon that can hold up to 55 pounds of stuff and comes perfectly "personal item" sized to beat those sneaky airlines' carry-on restrictions. (Spirit and Frontier allow one free personal item BUT it has to fit within certain size limits that standard carry-ons usually do not; the Wandf duffel beats the fee by offering up carry-on-containing abilities in the approved size of a personal item.) Below, find my breakdown of the three major reasons why the internet's going crazy over this little pink duffle.

20% Off Wandf Foldable Travel Duffel Bag, $12.99 $10.39

I flew on Frontier Airlines and was determined to not be nickeled and dimed to death, so I bought these bags to be our free "personal items" — they're exactly the dimensions stated on Frontier’s website for the personal item’s max size.

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1. It flies for FREE

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: the Wandf bag is sized to avoid those incredibly pesky baggage fees you might encounter on a Spirit (or Frontier) flight. It’s sized at 17.7 x 12.6 x 6.3 inches to adequately meet Spirit's FREE personal item carry-on limit of 18 x 14 x 8 inches — meaning, it's made to fit seamlessly under the seat in front of you.

We were able to fit everything we needed for a 4 day trip to Disney World and we even stuffed a ton of souvenirs for the trip home. And when we are finished traveling with them, they fold up super small to be stored.

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2. It fits a LOT 

This travel bag can hold up to 55 pounds of stuff and comes reviewer-vetted for packing support through everything from Disney vacations to business trips and beyond. It seems to be a favorite for two to four-day getaways — but, as one Amazon reviewer attests, it can fit a LOT more: "1 pair of heeled booties, 1 pair of tennis shoes, 2 dresses, 1 sweater, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 T-shirt, 5 sets of undergarments, 1 full workout outfit, Jewelry, Brush, hair gel, Toiletries."

I just received this bag on Wednesday just in time for my Spirit flight on Friday, and I am IMPRESSED!! I fit so much stuff in that little bag and I had no issues with the "personal item" at spirit.

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3. It’s multi-functional

This carry-on-quality bag in the size of personal item is no one-trick pony: it's crafted from durable and waterproof nylon fabric; comes designed with an over-top-handle opening for secure stacking on top of a roller bag; can be compressed and folded up into a small size for easy storage.

Even stuffed full, these bags meet the personal item requirement for Spirit Airlines. I fit 2 pairs of shoes and 5 days worth of clothes/toiletries into this bag. Nice thick-ish nylon feeling bags, very durable. Handles weren't too uncomfortable either. Really grateful to have found these, saved us $80 in checked bag fees!

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