I Got 30 Compliments In One Week Thanks To These $20 Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

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Are you familiar with blue light? In addition to emanating naturally from the sun, these “high-energy” rays are broadcast 24-7 from the TV, computer, and smartphone screens that surround us, well, 24-7; and are the latest technology-generated enemy to threaten our wellness, our sleep, and — say it ain’t so! — our skin. Now, lots of companies are coming out of the woodwork with specially treated lenses that claim to block the eye-straining light that many of us 9 to 5-ers are inundated with. While the scientific jury is still out on the effectiveness of these specs, I spend up to 10 hours a day in front of my computer in my role as Refinery29’s director of business developments and partnerships, so I was definitely willing to give the glasses a try — if I found the right pair, of course.
Various blue light glasses had been popping up on my social feeds for months, but none inspired me to pull the trigger. It wasn’t until I was passively scrolling through my IG stories and saw WeWoreWhat’s Danielle Bernstein showing off her latest Amazon purchase: lightweight, vaguely vintage-y blue-light filtering glasses that were minimalist and modern while simultaneously channeling a chic ’70s career woman. I’m not a diehard fan of the OG, multi-hyphenate blogger, but I definitely have grown to like her as she’s honed her entrepreneurial skills through collaborations with Onia swimwear and Joe’s Jeans. Plus, I love the thrill of discovering products on Instagram and am addicted to Amazon Prime, so the combination was enough for me to swipe up almost instantly. With one quick flick of the finger, I had ordered the glasses, and they showed up at my door in two days — to the tune of $20.
When they arrived, I was happy enough with their appearance and lightweight construction, but nothing about them prepared me for the reaction of the outside world. It wasn’t until I walked into the office and immediately received a barrage of compliments that I began to suspect that they were something special. It got so overwhelming that I started keeping track of the commentary, and in just one week, over 30 (!) co-workers had asked me where I got them or told me how much they loved them! But to be honest, not feeling tired at the end of the work day and a noticeable lack of headaches are a way better payoff than the consistent compliments the frames generate. My takeaway? If you’re on the fence about snagging a pair, I highly recommend trying these babies out. “Wellness” comes in all forms, whether it’s reduced eye strain brought on by super-power lenses or the simple self-esteem boost of wearing a cool and super-flattering new pair of specs.
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