Prime Day’s Spooky-Good Deals On Halloween Getups

Amazon Prime Day has fin– okay, let's just get to it: The return of the site's annual super-sale is gracing us in October this year (aka Spooky Season), which means it’s time to scour the deals for the best bargains on Halloween attire. Whether you're on the hunt for a spooky lewk to wear to an upcoming covid-minded costume party or just something to sit in during the awkward Zoom-office function, we've gone ahead and scouted out the currently marked-down options worth carting.
There has, arguably, never been a better Halloween to keep a mysterious distance while utilizing the classic sheet-ghost disguise as a face covering — nor do you, necessarily, need to opt for a full-blown costume this year. (We're envisioning lots of hats, wigs, and jazzy socks covered in Jack Skellington's mug). The point is: where there is a sale to be had on a giant inflatable alien costume, there is a way. Goblin bless Amazon Prime Day for making it easier than ever with the following Halloween getup deals.
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